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Viable 3rd Party Possibility

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. Ron Paul is going to make a Major Announcement next week, Sep 10th, at the National Press Club.

    Baldwin and Barr are scheduled to be there as well.

    This could be big.

    Even if you disagree with Ron Paul's economic philosophy of peace and freedom, a RP 3rd party run would do wonders in terms of cracking down on political establishment corruption.

    He will dig up the memory hole and shake up the status quo.
  2. Either Obama or McCain is going to win the election, the powers that be have decided it to be so, and have given us a choice between them two and will not permit or give any credence to any third party.
  3. If Ross Perot pulled of 19% in 1992, shouldn't Ron Paul be able to pull in at least that much?

    He could hurt McCain if it is a close race...
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    Don't you see though, no matter what a third party candidate at the most can be a spoiler. If someones going to vote for him just to see McCain lose they might as well just vote for Obama himself.

    As i said no matter what its either McCain or Obama, not Ron Paul. And in four years Ron Paul, barr, baldwin, they will be a dwindling memory. I know it sucks, i originally supported Dr. Paul, but faced reality.
  5. Americans are aching for a viable third party. The biggest problem we face, is somehow bridging the gap between Constitutionalists/Libertarians and Greens/Socialists, and empowering them to not give in to voting Democrat/Republican. Someone at the Ron Paul forums suggested resurrecting the Democratic-Republican Party, which I think would be a fantastic idea.
  6. Lets bring back the bull moose party!!!

  7. LOL

    How about a lot of people voting for Ron Paul rather than McCain? To send a message to the Republicans, neocons out, conservatives back, without supporting the Democrats. It works both ways.

    Anyhow, giving a vote to a third party or independent candidate isn't just a spoiler. It is not written in stone that the Dems and Reps are the only two political parties in the US than can put viable candidates to the vote. Sure traditionally they got hegemony, still do, but that is not to say that either major party is immune to being superceeded by some other political organization. All it really takes is voters getting fed up with one or the other alternative. Or both. That can happen rather fast under the right circumstances.
  8. If you want to build something you have to start at the ground up. A viable political party is no different, you need to get third party congressman and senators elected, some governors too. As your parties numbers increase they are forced to take notice.

    The way the system is designed now a third party presidential candidate has no allies, its one candidate against an onslaught of republicans and democrats (who basically controll the media), whose only interest in a third party candidate is as a spoiler and nothing else.

    By the way Dr. Paul was on Glenn Beck the other night and said once a republican always a republican, that's what party he was elected under and he has no intentions of switching. I think it was on wednesday if I'm not mistaken.
  9. Thats fine, go ahead. That's not what I'm saying, I'm saying that a third party at this moment in American politics is not viable or electable on the presidential level. Its just reduced to being a tool of the two party system, that's all.

  10. Did you see him on Colbert last night?

    He talked about the hierarchy of the GOP and his exclusion for not "bowing down" to the party politics.

    It's just speculation, but either way, I'm excited for whatever he plans to announce. Call it "hope".
  11. No i didn't catch that, but he was basically saying that on beck also, he was saying how his people were not allowed on the floor of the convention only him, and he would have had to been issued a special pass and a bunch of shit. By all rights he should have had free access, but that just proves my theory that the powers that be effectively stiffled him.
  12. You've said yourself that the powers that be are wholly corrupt and unfair. Why do you continue to support them?
  13. Uhm. There are already 3rd parties.

    I doubt RP alone will make any of them competitive in the race.
  14. Because until we build a new party we are stuck with these two. No matter what i do between now and the election, nothing is going to change the fact that one of the two will be elected president of the United States. So until there's a better option i will support the candidate that i presume to be the least of two evils.

    You pick and chose your battles and bide your time when need be until opportunity presents itself.
  15. And such a mentality more or less guarantee that a third option will never gain any traction.

    If you're stuck in thinking in the here and now, then nothing will change. The current situation is just a premise, not a conclution. History have not ended.

  16. If Ron Paul's possible campaign gets news coverage that's competitive.

    Ron Paul's popularity could draw the largest 3rd party vote in history. If we continue our military conquest into the 4 countries on our agenda,and Obama continues to throw his support to war or people realize neither candidate is fit, RP can definitely draw in some Obamaphiles and McCainiacs.

    He did break political fundraising records...
  17. lol... Bob Barr AND Ron Paul are Obama supporters.
  18. The irony in this statement kills me inside a little bit...

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