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  1. i just tried to post a detailed review on this thing but it wouldnt submit so i was wondering why no one ever talked about. i love this thing and wanted to see who else uses it, also heard of an atomizer for wax just came out i will be trying that after my first qwiso run
    i have went through about 8 of the atmos raw style chambers and it doesnt compare, its easier to use and clean, bigger hit, bigger chamber, more control as in whether you want to smoke or vape and much more cost effective, i got mine for 12 off ebay and a coil lasts me up toward 3 weeks so a 2 dollar coil is more cost effective because before i quit smoking blunts/papers i would spend 2 or 3 dollars on 2/1.00 packs of cigars be it garcia vega, swisha, or white owl, and i save alot of weed, i went from doming .5s to bullshitting on .2 like im scared of the weed, a gram hasnt lasted me a day or more since i started smoking a long time ago at an early age
    my main method of intake these last 2 months and all the youtube videos shows it cobusts, i like to vape here and there and i get a perfect vape as long as i dont pack the bowl tight with the mouthpeice attatchment, no smoke but nice full flavored vape hits and after 2 or 3 hits it looks like straight tabacco
    also dont get ripped off, i paid 12 for mines with 3 coils, and found a plug on the coils i get a 10 pack for 20(i still have 10 being on my 3rd coil in 2 months)
    here goes the wax coil

  2. 542 views and no reply well damn lol guess im the guinea pig of this product, cant say i neva showed it to yall
  3. Is it any good ? I'm considering getting the one with the two heads for wax and dry herbs
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    me personally i love it, i see mixed review but if you don't mind combustion of you flowers then its the truth, just fire it up and the slower you breath the thicker the milk, i seen a review someone said they clog the filter every 2 hits, its not a bong or a blunt so you don't pull on it super hard but the hits are mighty satisfying... and if you prefer a vape, after i learned how to use it i vape with it now too, when i put my ground herbs in i dont pack them, just drop them in and i don't hold the button as long but breath slightly faster, i prefer a wake and vape in the morning because the high is more wide open and spacely versus a heavy stoned high i get from combustion, i posted a link for a sweet deal on the coils, the 1st replacement coils i bought i paid 10 for 2 :( but the 10 pack i bought i haven't even opened yet.... im yet to try the wax coils but i will be ordering some as soon as i make this qwiso!!!
  5. So you really get that high off such a little amount even though it combusts? And you save that much plant material?
  6. yea, i cut back alot to though so that may play a part, i always smoked blunts with atleast .5 to a yam or more, my theory is when i smoke a .5 blunt id say close to a third to a half of that goes up in smoke straight off the tip
    with the reload and most dry herb attatments your not losing any to the air, all of that is going in to your lungs
    combustion doesnt get you any less high, it just gives you the full spectrum of what the weed has to offer as in the higher temperature cannabanoids you can miss out on with vaping, i enjoy smoking and vaping as well, more of a mood and time of day type of thing and i have been able to consistently do both with success with my vhit reload anytime i please
  7. I might get it. I found a kit for $50 that comes with a battery, case, 3 tips, brush and some other stuff. I know you can get them cheaper but I don't have a battery and this would make it convinient. Thanks for the recommendation! Sent from my SGH-T989 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Is it easy to use? I've seen videos and pics and looks a little complicated, hows the battery life too? And how much bud can you packSent from my SGH-T989 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. instead of the kit, buy the reload seperatly and look on ebay buy a vision spinner 1300mah.... battery kicks ass
  10. it dont come with a battery just the attatchment, for a batter i recommend the vision spinner 1300mah that junk last me 2 days and i use it for my herb and for my ejuice.... yea its hella easy and after you play with it for a while you will figure out you can vape or smoke depending on how tight you pack it against the heating element, i say if im smoking i can easily put .4 .5 finly grinded herb in there but i dont grind mines up real fine i just drop a lil .2 nug in and go to work if i get greedy and smoke .4 .5 i be more baked than an equal sized blunt or joint
  11. Dang that sounds nice. A lot of people who are (apparently some of the most the most experienced on the website) have been telling me that theres barely any vape pens that can actually vape and not combust. Is there leftover brown burnt plant matter? And how many decent sized hits out of a .2 or .3 bowl pack in that thing can you get? Also I was going to actually get the vapir no2 most likely.Sent from my SGH-T989 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. yes but it takes practice, to vape drop the herb in the chamber, screw it on, dont pack it just hit it but dont hold longer than 5 seconds, to smoke pack the herbs with the packing mechanism and fire away
  13. I just received mine in the mail today and so far, I love it! I can see that I'm going to have to do a few trial and error sessions to see how much herb gives me the best results, but so far I'm super satisfied..especially for the price! (I think I paid 13.87 total on ebay!) Definitely excited about this piece!
  14. yea it can be a pain at 1st, but soon as you work out the kinks its the truth, i say i had the hang of it after a day... the cashing tool i dont like it too much for packing the herb closer to the coil, it makes the bowl burn fast and the coil will stop working once clogged with resin
    i only use the cashing tool when i unscrew the bottom and cash the bowl, if i want to pack the herb it may sound weird but i pack it toward the mouthpiece but not tight enough to block the airflow, and if possible dont grind herb into a powder, i say blunt/joint consistency is perfect... i clean the mouthpiece with a paperclip i carry in my vape pen case and every so often when that resin taste builds up, i dip a qtip in alcohol and clean the mouthpiece that way or soak the whole unit overnight 
  15. I ordered mines with a ego c battery :D can't wait to use that shit tomorrow when I go see children of bodom ^_^

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  16. I've been literally looking at dry attacents the last few days...I have a astro mod and am wondering will this atomizer screw on to that??? I don't really no if it's 510 or ego threaded?? Here's my vape ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1393669256.534082.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1393669268.832664.jpg
  17. Anyone?...
  18. will this work with my astro mod? I don't no if I have ego c or 510??
  19. So would I have to buy new coils for herb too, cuz if so that's a bit inconveinant

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