Veterans Day

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  1. I never know what kind of salutation to use on Veterans Day.  It seems kind of rude to say Happy Veterans Day considering what our Veterans have gone through to keep us safe.  All I can say is that I love you and I pray for you every day.  Thank you for giving me the security to have my own voice.  
    You secure our freedom and made great sacrifices to do so.  Thank you!  :)

  2. I don't think you need to say anything, I find it's more a day of personal reflection

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  3. If you run into a vet just let them know how much it means to you for all they do and sacrifice. It shouldn't just be like that just today though. Everyday should be veterans day. 
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    Least we forget!

    Here we wear poppies fot that week,and everyone stops and does minutes silence on the 11th hour.

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  5. In our town we do the same! We have a huge parade the best of the year and at 11:00am everyone stands and salutes the sky as the blue angels fly over! I think that everyone at some point should take the time today to take a moment of silence and just reflect on your history and sacrifices your men and women have made for your freedoms. If you happen to run into a veteran, shake their hand and thank them!
  6. Its kinda strange just seeing everyone stopping at 11.

    Its pretty eerie and remarkable that we all just do it.even the ones who dont really get respect.

    Do you guys wear poppies aswell? Or is that just a British thing

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  7. The ultimate respect to those who have served and are serving.

    Like the rest of the commonwealth, Australia recognizes Remembrance Day and a minute of silence after hearing The Last Post at 11AM. It is certainly a day for reflection, and always has been in my eyes.

    Aussies also have a bank holiday in April to commemorate Australian and Kiwi veterans, called ANZAC Day. It's really quite a sombre and touching day to experience, and really makes me appreciate the Australian history and culture.
  8. 888,000 ceramic poppies

    Looks cool eh

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  9. I usually just post a Facebook status saying have a blessed Veterans Day

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  10. Canadians wear poppies, started early this year cause of the shooting at Parliament.
    Lest we forget.
  11. I was out walking the dog on Sunday through the cementary.
    I seen a war grave and i had a poppy on my jacket.
    So i put it on a little stick and planted it on grave.

    No idea whos grave,and it hasn't been tended to.
    I think i have pic on my phone.

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  12. My good deed lol

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  13. I think we've forgotten. 
  14. I won't and it makes me distrust all those that would send folk to war.

    I would only fight in the event of an invasion other than that not interested in thier bullshit wars.

    Just watched a thing on TV about teenagers lying about thier age during ww1.

    Fucking 14 year olds leaving trenches to be mown down by machine guns. Not to mention the 16year olds shot for cowardice .

    The phrase "lions led by donkeys" is very fitting!
  15. Treat everyone like its their birthday! :D

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