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  1. Hi guys i wondered if you could help me out with a weird issue i cant find an answer to anywhere.
    Im using good quality northen lights seeds, trying to germinate them. I used the soak in water for 24hours untill the seeds were just starting to crack, dropped those in the paper towel method for 3 days (total darkness, heat regualted ect).
    At this point the tap root was approx half a cm and i didnt want to risk damage on transfer so using rockwool cudes (1.5 inch) ph adjusted ect popped them into the medium carefully with tweezers. Covered, placed on drainage, into a temp regulated humidity dome. They were place half a cm below surface level. Most didnt grow, the crazy bit is i kept two of the nacked ones and went and did another batch, adjusting the temps to 75f, slightly less water, and took a single drop of rooting hormone and popped it on top of the cube and watered.
    Heres were it gets mind bending, the old seeds which are a month into this with no signs of anything i splint the cube on one today to expecting to see a mouldy seed or something to show death, instead i have a taproot that has grown directly down nearly to the bottom of the cube, looks healthy and happy! The damn things are not sprouting out the top, but as far as i can see are quite happy growing the root. The batch one has been going for a month with no signs of plant, batch 2 is nearly a week into the cubes. All of the seeds cracked no worries, the only thing i can think is the hormones working overtime.
    Any suggestions what to do here? i was contempating a very mild nutient solution to promote growth but have been warned this could kill/shock/burn them at such a young stage.
    and what do i do if the roots start pushing through the bottom of the cubes? do i just transfer to the coco at this point?
    I only had one 40w cfl overhead, i didnt think lights were particularly importent yet but perhaps there isnt enough lighting to make the seed want to sprount upwards?????
    I would just call this a day and start again but it seems a waste to throw them out when they are growing root structures.
    Nut wise ill be using the standard coco a and b mixed throughout veg and flower less the last 2 weeks will be water only to flush the taste back...........

  2. well sir welcome to gc as for your problem and im no expert but still... when my taproot grows out of my rockwool cube i plant into a tiny pot way less then a gallon .. my problem recently was after i transplanted my rock wool into coco they stayed in there baby seedling stage for a month they stayed the same size and lack on N color it fucked up my schedule ..i would recommend using a jiffy seed starting mix with EWC as a seed starting mix thats what i found success in .how many plants are you doing when i had my 6 rockwool cubes up i had them under a 120w t5 2ft panel from the start
  3. honestly i only wanted 2 decent plants but at the moment theres 8 seedlings in rockwool in the hope one or two may decide to push upwards rather than just down (the definition of a downer :)
    I only popped mine under a couple of cfls after popping them into the rockwool as was warned that to much would scorch them before growing and being so oung id be lucky to correct any major issue before it killed them off.
    Im going to sound dumb but ecw is?
    Its a mixed thing i think, everyone has different ways to balance the growing scales, germinations no issue its that first shoot of growth. Ive got more seeds on order so i think ill try again but im going to test run it on those that germinate by
    two with plain water and hormone,
    two with very weak nuts with hormone,
    two with very weak nuts and no hormone,
    two with water and no nuts and no hormone,
    all the above are ph'd and only untill i get that first shoot of growth and inital leaves then its on a norm shedule.
    Its one expensive way to learn but if i get my two plants out of it ill be happy and could clone from there if all goes well. Im pretty convinced its a hormone issue, and i get mixed feedback re nuts early stage, some say the seeds got the nuts it needs initally just add water, others say science beats natures formula for growth in artificial setting.
    Did yours all grow no worries with you lighting? what stage did you turn the lights on?
  4. you don't need a humidity dome for seeds. also, once you know they have sprouted and the taproot is growing you should immediately transplant into a container.  EWC is earth worm castings, aka worm poop. Its more for soil grows. IIRC If you add EWC to coco you have to treat it like soil. You also don't need to use rooting hormone when they first sprout. Maybe put a bit on the sides and bottom of rockwool when you transplant into a container. You don't have to use nutrients until their cotyldons begin to yellow. you don't need very much light at all in the seedling stage.
  5. do you have any pics how are they doing now ? I am about to flower now i used a 125w cfl until there about 6 inches tall and ready to top . If i were you i would start over if theres no real progress its hard but if theres no real progress i trash em . Its all about trial and error dude just keep giving it ya best
  6. Thanks for the advice guys. Well in the end my rockwool babies just didnt pull through! Ive gone about a different method now which is better but im a bit bugged with my inability to use rockwool, from what i can tell when i gave in and wanted to look to see what was in the cubes, i found the outside of them was drying out, but the middle was still drenched. Being the seedlings are in the middle im convinced they were probably struggling to breath, maybe i was watering to often?
    Ive gone straight to small cups (like those out of a water fountain thing) after 24 hours soaking in ph'd water. Of the three (2 northern lights, one power africa), the power africa (that came as a freebie lol) has its first set of leaves yey! The northerns have them but the leaves are still micro in comparison. There in a straight coco perlite mix (40% perlite). One of the northerns i started with a half of a and b and the next day it was yellowing! i assumed thats nut burn, so flushed and backed off. Its small leaves 3 days later look like there culing upwards towards the tips. Ive got some calmag here, and a and b. I know cal mags prob not needed as im using tap but it was on sale. When the cottons start yellowing the feeding should begin? Are you running half or quater strength on the first feed? my ppm meter get here today and im searching around looking for the idea ranges for them but there seems to be different suggestions in the inital stages so if poss could some clear this up?
    Is the first feed when the cottons yellow, when the first leaves are out, or when the second leaves are out?
    Whats you recommended ppm in the first feeds?
    Im running all 6500k's on veg, but im told a mix of 6500 and 2400 help for a bushier plant, then just 2400 in flower.
    Ive got a new flower setup coming (if i ever get that far), its for 2 plants, 1m x .6 tent (decent quality), 250w 2400k cfl, 2 18w t8's, heating tube for night on a thermostat, rhino carb filter ect. i think i have enough lumens to area ratio. I was wondering though the tents only 1.4m tall and im looking to fim them, what height would you look to pull out of veg as im a bit unsure of how much more growth im expecting in flower?
  7. Ah Ha! - Learning curve.......
    So my ppm meter came today, my tap water is sitting at 298ppm after 24 hours sitting out! From what im reading im looking for an average of 200ppm for my seedlings, perhaps 150 depending on the view. If i already have a ppm of 298 (0.5 scale), and i was adding in nutes of A + B on top of that, it would explain why the latest one i had tryed to start up on nutes burnt the hell out of it at only 1/2 strength. I looked at the canna website and they have a calculator (although it comes out a bit strong from what ive been looking at) and the ppm can be measured in hanna, eutech, and truncheon. Anyone know what these are or what ones 0.5? Googles not helping me much with that.
    So please tell me if ive worked this out wrong as for some reason some people are subtracting the waters inital ppm which seems backwards to me, and some include it. This would mean although my water/solution is nearly at the max end for the plants current age, and basicly means that i cant add nutes yet as the water supply has basicly locked me out from doing so. The main question is, being that water obiously doesnt have what the plant needs for coco (it might have enough calcium though) does this stunt growth? My new kiddies are sitting at 2 inch high with the first set of real leaves at the moment, but its been the same for a week now with no growth, but no deterioration either!
    Ive looked into ro water, ill get a unit but its not going to be this month, the landlords being a pain re a water butt for some unknown reason. Im off to tesco in a moment and going to buy 25 litres of mineral water to see what the ppm is and if its suitable, at £1.50 for 2.5 ltrs its not a big cost. I think tap might be ok but at the early stage ive got no room to manouver with the nutes as the numbers already high and the plant cant take much more early stage.
    Please guys, tell me my thinkings logical here and ive not gone into dumbass overdrive.
    Ill pop some pics on later when i find my flippin camera.
  8. Another ah ha! well kind of anyway.
    ppm is including water, and 0.5 scale meters are hanna. Ive answered my own questions lol.
    im feeding, no nute burns as of yet, im weaning them on though so idleing around 200ppm all in with mineral water untill they get old enough to tolorate my tap water.
    Question again though (im hoping other people starting up will read this jazz as im presuming a lot of the questions im running through most newbes will come across), WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH PH DOWN SOLUTIONS?
    If i add the damn stuff my ppm sky rockets. Its made for hydro water systems and a rep brand. Anyone have any idea why? is there something about mineral waters that makes a buffer?
    And also if im using mineral water and nutes will i need to be adding the cal mag? if so when should i start up with it? (im on coco)
    My power africas got its second set of leaves just starting to pop through, frickin magic!
    Ive setup my flower tent, worth the agro, wouldnt want my smoke to run out in between the beasties. and im keeping a log on nutes and shedule for them so i know where im at throughout (seemed like a wise idea).

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