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Very Weird Feeling High- Not Normal Pls Read

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by joshclatney, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Hey guys...

    Second post so ill give u a quick background on me before i ask the question. Been smoking 3-5 times/ week for 3 .5 years, usually smoke bongs or pipes. I like strong indicas.

    Back to the question, the other day I picked up a small $40 glass bong. No name brand, thin glass with diffuser stem and ice chamber. Very small "popper bowl" that literally gives u a .3 every bowl. Ive noticed this bong to be much harsher and tastes like plastic. The high I am getting is rediculous. I feel absolutley retarded. I think my fingers are aliens. My vision fades. Music sounds stupid. It sounds conpressed and muffled. I think im a worm or something. Very hard to explain. I smoked a bowl of some dank thats apparently og kush mixed with purple kush. Whatever it is its expensive as hell at $60 / quarter. Oh also I feel very tired and stupid.

    This is not stoned. Wtf is this. Maybe I havent been this high but ive smoked blue domino in huge bowls. This is nothing. Any ideas?
  2. The better question is... Where the fuck are you at getting 1/4 for $60?
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    Roll up a joint of the stuff and see if you still get that taste, if you do it's not the bong. But, if it is the bong, try cleaning it (mainly the bowl) well, there may have been something stuck in it.
    Also, $60/quarter is a really good deal. They usually sell for $80 - $100
  4. Haha what u mean? I usually get really nice northern lights or og kush for $55- 60/ quarter $90-110/ half $150-180/ ounce. What are you paying?
  5. Sounds like you're getting baked :confused_2: . A nice bong hit will do that to ya if you aren't used to it.
  6. I smell bullshit
  7. You must be in Cali or Canada, OP.
  8. Hes probly just somewhere decent. You can usually find 220 or less oz's in a medi/legal state.

    Op, unless you bought the bong from somebody you know has a serious interest in other drugs, youre just nice and stoned. Hell, even if you did itd be extremely unlikely theres any other drug contamination, but I guess I could see a small possibility if you happened to hit a bit of salvia or yopo in very low quantities.
  9. sounds chill man :smoke:
    I live in Ottawa, Canada. If you dont believe me then come here and you'll see.
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    try it in another piece and see if you still taste it.
    I make it a habit of always cleaning any glass I pick up that isn't name brand before I use it. (ie from aqua lab)
    I remember a buddy of mine bought this no name glass zong where the middle was coloured and you couldn't see through it. He kept complaining of it tasting odd, come to find out - there was a packing peanut lodged below the ice catcher that he didn't notice.

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