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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by MrSmokebigbuds, Jan 29, 2003.

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  1. i was just smokeing a bowl to day, fooling with my camera and when i toke this pic this happan.?! lol
  2. wow thats cool man it looks like your hands on fire man cool
  3. well it is, i really dont wanna hold this joke for to long, i was just really board and had my lighter and ligher fule and well yeah u know the rest
  4. yea dude ive done that a couple times but then im a pyro
  5. me to dude, me to....
  6. i\'m all trippin face... and marvin the martian was just on my desk... he says hi... but yeah. i was like \"wtf is that by that dudes hand?\" and then i saw you were just a little lighter happy. lol. i\'ve done that before... \'cept i used hairspray

    very cool pic though. :D
  7. guess it beats a bic
  8. Very good camera or just a perfect pic. It is just your aura, if you are psychic you can see your aura, as well as the person standing next to you.

    Just go to just punch in aura, read all about it.

    Check it out I am just the court jester.
  9. this is me playing with fire:
  10. now THAT is fucking killer.
  11. i have tons more pics with all sorts of weird looking flames

    i am a true pyro, no measly lighters for me
  12. this one singed off all my arm hair (i did this in high school)
  13. god damn, what are u useing?
  14. see the thing the dude is holding on the right. that is methane being bubbled up through soap water, wet your arms down load yourself up with bubbles and ignite. it\'s a good time.
  15. uhhh, how long does it stay lit?
  16. until the gas burns up, about a second-two, it leaves your hands quick though, except that last pic, that was close to the biggest one that i did, if it had been much bigger i may have burned myself

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