Very, very late Central New York Grow

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  1. So I put these out today. They were started about five weeks ago. I know it's very late. Is this worth pursuing in regards to quality or quantity? I know the knowledge I'm gaining is invaluable so either way I will see it through. The soil is great and watering will happen daily or as needed. These were feminized seeds. They will get light the entire day. They were started under CFL. I am not very concerned with over exposure to sunlight so soon but will follow up if I do. The plants were all at least 12 in and topped one time. I was told a few of these seeds qere auto flowers. But they were all high quality feminised seeds. If you need more information I'll respond. Will my plants provide medicine of quality and quantity so late? I should be able to grow till early October. How much bigger might they get? Is there anything I can do to speed the process up? Like nutrients. Or any advice. All criticism is welcome please. Pictures below.

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  2. There are twelve plants. I expect to loose a few more. It happens.
  3. I'm no expert but looks like that soil is super muddy, what did you start them in?

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  4. It's been raining here for three weeks. And eight hours preceding these pictures.
  5. They look very small for 5wks and autos can be very finicky. They usually don't like to be topped or transplanted. But, there will be some that say otherwise. good luck
  6. They are all autos except three. Seems to be a lost cause. I work to much. Looking into a tent and LED lighting for next grow. My brother did this next door. May, June and July. Autos. Fresh. Guess this will do for the winter.

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