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          So I'm not sure what to do. There's a chick that comes into my job that is friends with some of my coworkers. I'm one of the younger workers at this place so we're talking about me and a milf. I think she may want me sometimes, first time we met she made sure I remembered her name, she gets physically close to me, and she fixed her tits in front of me and said "i needa fix my boobs you don't mind right", all separate occasions. She's probably done more but I have a somewhat bad memory haha. 
          Anyway, I got a bad haircut, (like TERRIBLE) and we were talking about it and she started running her hands thru my hair, in front of some random ass dude, he left and said "this is getting too hot". To add to the story, I don't know if she's in a relationship, and I met her kid lmao. There's also another lady at my job thats wanted to openly fuck for a while, like 3 months that would be upset if she found out. I don't have this girls number and think that any relationships involving work is a bad idea. Most of this is my penis talking but it's so difficult to let this go. PLEASE HELP.... BTW my bad haircut kinda screwed up my confidence so this would be the only girl I'd be going after for maybe like a month and a half, until my hair grows in hahahhah.

  2. As a dude in a non-sexual situation, I would never leave a situation saying "This is getting too hot".
    Good try. 
  3. Wait till your hair grows out before you try anything too daring.
  4. What are you taking about? She was like grabbing my hair and touching it a lot while I was working. So as a result the dude was messing around and said that, but because he said that I know I'm not crazy and she was  really being touchy. 
  5. Milfs are cool. Hammer it and have fun. I'm sure that's all she's looking for also.
    this exactly.
  7. Next time she comes in make some eye contact with her. When she starts flirting with you again tell her that you want to tell her about something and lead her into the back room and look deeply into her eyes. The rest is for you to fill out.


    If that's not appropriate just write down your number on a small piece of paper and write "wanna fuck?"(feel free to change this around to make it work for you)

    Your hair doesnt matter

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  8. I don't get what you're torn about... Just give her the D bro! Shoot her a compliment and work your game from there.

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  9. Wtf? Fuck the milf ASAP, older women know how to work that dick wayy better than these young sluts. You gotta make sure to read the signs though to make sure she actually wants it.

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    I told her she looked beautiful one day when she asked if she looked ok (fishing for a compliment I guess) and she got really happy lol. I'm worried that if something gets fucked up I could be in a shit storm at my job. She turns me on big time and know if I could just get in once I would stay away. But girls have a tougher time with that. 
  11. Lol yummy bud is that u
  12. Out of my head into my bed

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