very tips of the leaves are yellow..

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  1. any ideas... im running the botanicare line.. idk im thinking it might be from foliar during the middle of their day so the light burns nutrients into the leaves... any ideas..
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    i have the same symptoms! but it was from using Gravity. it is a bud fattener but dont explaine how it is supposed to work other than i didnt move my lights high enough during the first day of use. i do know that the trics do protect the leaves from uv damage and some uv is useful to prompt tric development as the plant will try to protect itself by covering the leaf with the reflective natures of trichomes. it is my conclusion (i may be wrong) that it is from the light heat intensity and possibly the product as well. i assumed it was fert burn till i read the lable again. i had only read under soil growing and hydro growing but above that part of instruction it said if using hps to raise the lighting 6-12 in. hps is hotter than a mh and way hotter than cfls so it may be that raising the lights would be a good thing for a bit till you see if it improves the overall condition. as for foliar, you could be very well right as the h2o runs to the leaf tip and may not evaporate during the light cycle. if so it can stay there all night and start a necrotic decay. i quit foliar spraying unless treating for bugs or mildews. foliar spray is ok if done early in the light cycle and is fully evapped before you put the girls to bed. it to me however is un-necessary and can damage the new growth areas at the top of a clone giving it two or more tops kind of a natural top pinch so to speak. still not a good thing as it slows things down development wise. spraying nutes is generally not a great thing to do either as it can accumulate (become concentrated) on the leaves and reduce the natural ability of the plant to conduct a full photosynthesis due to the plants breathing and food conversions being altered. a must is to use plain h2o and rinse any excess chems from the foliage so that residue build-up is diminished. so important it is to keep the tops dry as the fine new leaves wanting to pop will retain the h2o and damage the nugs growth if it dont fully dry. wishin ya luck. -D-
    i learned the hard way resulting in some mildew into flowering and i was lucky enough to keep it away from the nugs till harvest. i ended up harvesting before i could get a good week of flushing but the taste was still great. the leaves showing white mildew i removed carefully with no fans blowing so as not to spread spores. i then sprayed the dead leaves with alcohol and then peroxide before disposing of them as well as having to do the same to sterilize the room for the next batch.
  3. nute burn tips is the first place to show usally.
  4. yea its def nute burn.i wouldnt worry though bc it happens with my girls all the time.especially in coco or any hydro app the plant consumes all the nutes in the medium so getting too many nutes is easy.some growers feed until they actually see the tips burn so they know their max cutoff of how much nutes to give.

    as long as the rest of the leaf looks ok i wouldnt worry.maybe a little flush might be in store to flush out any salts and bring the medium back to normal.
  5. Are all the leaf tips yellow; just the new growth? How old are your plants?


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