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VERY stupid questions about bowl-packing, help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NerdSmoker, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. I have never smoked a joint, and don't plan to in the near future, but I might buy a bong. All I have is a couple glass spoons. My questions are:

    The part of a glass pipe/spoon where you pu the weed, is that also cosidered a "Bowl"?

    When packing a bowl, should you grind up the weed first? Or are grinders only for rolling joints/blunts?

    I am only asking because when ever I use my pipe I just break off a few pieces of my nug and use that for 2-3 hits, then repack. Is this right?

    Thanks guys and yeah, I know their dumb questions.

  2. yes that's the "bowl"
    yes you grind the weed up first
    either take SMALL pieces from your nug or grind it up. use scissors!
  3. That's how I do it and yes, the part that you put the bud in is called the bowl and I think you're right about grinders being for joints/blunts I seen people grind it and put it in pieces though.
  4. what u do is right and a grinder is good too. whatever way works for u man
  5. I personally don't like to use grinders except for that really sticky icky Canadian beasters.

    If you buy a pipe invest $4 in a glass screen. Itll save you a lot of bud and money.
  6. Oh DEFINITELY do this haha it saves you a lot of trouble.

  7. lol, canadian beasters...
  8. Alright thanks alot guys,+rep to all.

  9. hehe

    I guess thats silly.

    Ill edit out the CANADIAN if thats cool with you.

  10. well it's called a bowl because it's a indentation. and when it comes to grinded up of nugs,it depens.if you grind it up you get more smoke at once,and it you just stuff in the nugs it burns slower.
  11. i always pack my bowl with only 2-4 hits worth, unless there's like 3 other people hittin on it. a good bowl won't need a screen, they make the hole in the bottom small enough so none blows thru
  12. yes they are considered bowls and no i wouldn't waste ur money buying a bowl just simply rip apart the weed into 2 or 3 pieces.. they're more useful for joints and blunts like you said
  13. I don't know if its just me, but I ALWAYS grind everything I smoke, I've always gotten a better high and it burns nicer.
  14. The place you load your smoking material on any pipe is called the bowl.

    Grinders are especially useful for rollies, but there's no law says you can't grind weed for a bowl. I do it sometimes for the hell of it. It usually doesn't hurt to break up weed for the bowl a little bit however, even if you're not grinding it.
  15. There are no rules.
    You can smoke your weed anyway you like...
    Breaking it up / grinding it before smoking will give you a better smoke but smokes faster.
    I usually just break big nugs into a couple pieces and load them it. Pretty much what you said you do too...
  16. Hey man, a grinder is great if you're gonna be rolling something up but I think breaking nugs by hand when smoking a bowl or bong makes it last a few hits longer.
  17. grinder is a must if you have a bong and a get to take MASSIVE HITS!!!:bongin:X:bongin:X:bongin: =:hippie::hippie::hippie::hippie::hippie::hippie::hippie:
  18. yes its called a bowl, and i only usually use a grinder for joints/blunts, but somtimes use for bowl, but its better to break off in parts, but your get more out of your weed if u grind it, but u can't grind it too much considering in some bowls the weed will just fall through
  19. I grind up everything I buy and I put them in photo film canisters, so easy to load a bowl when all you have to do is push a little herb out of a small plastic bottle, plus it hits and burns way smoother.
  20. I don't think that these questions are stupid at all. This is the apprentice/novice area of the forums, so any question that you ask will probably be helpful to someone else (like me).

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