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  1. I smoked some skunk the other day i ground it up with some haze i smoked with my girl i got like a very strange high i was totally in another world and at one point when i was coming down i got very depressed i've never ever got depressed off weed before... anyone know what this could be from or is it just me?
  2. marijuana = depressant.

    pretty simple.
  3. It can be a physical depressant... but its not 100% depressant.
  4. Physically, it's actually a stimulant. Increased heart rate, blood pressure, etc. are all the reasons why you feel burned out after you smoke, because your body is physically exhausted from maintaining such hightened processes. Emotionally, or psychologically, if you care, it's pretty obviously a depressant. Chemically, I'm not sure enough of the storing process of THC and such, but the simple fact that it makes you feel really good and then stops making you feel good can easily make you "depressed".

  5. the term depressant is only referring to marijuana's effect on the body. it generally slows down bodily functions. but there is a big debate about this as marijuana increases heart rate, metabolism and unconsious muscle movement. which is why when you take a huge hit from a bong or somethin, you get all light headed and your heart is palpatating all over the place, then comes munchies, then comes twitchies. LOL. god i love mary jane.

    edit: in reference to your most recent post. this is true and valid, it generally depends on the smokers state of mind prior and during smoking.
  6. good post, jus_blaze_it and ruseofmetacarpi +rep to ya
  7. cheers man!!
  8. Thanks homie.

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