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  1. please refer to previous conversation, this has been done to death now. I have fully explained myself. just because someone hears some advice does not mean they should follow it. I have already set out the parameters of the experiment and they need to be adhered to otherwise the whole thing is pointless. as I keep saying you clearly do not understand what this little grow is about. at this point I really can't see you ever understanding it so why not just unsubscribe. save us all the arse ache.

  2. apprehension? yes of course. childish name calling and ridicule? no, obviously not. they clearly have a lot to learn. if they sat back, and kept an open mind they might actually learn something new.

    I agree the conversation has run its course. they have had their say and I have responded. the conversation should end there but they keep coming back. you would think they would have better things to do than to carry on nagging about numbers of plants but hey, maybe it's fun for them, I don't know.

    I will carry on posting because obviously it's my thread, but I really do hope they stop because its just ruining the thread with all these pointless posts
  3. No point trolling someone else's thread. You have stated your point and even gotten insulting. Move along before this becomes a pointless name calling match?

    After all winning a fight in the Internet is like winning the special Olympics. You might have won but you are still retarded.

    No special needs children were hurt in the making of this post.
  4. if this shit carries on I will request this whole thread to be deleted and I'll copy all the relevant posts to a new one and ask you two to stay out of it entirely
  5. I don't see what the problem would be. It may be a little shallow but with proper care there shouldn't be problems.
  6. They sure as hell arent choking each other out.
    Keep on keepin on jet
  7. How are the plants doing? Would love an update with pics! =)
  8. yesterday's photos are on page 5, they are doing fine. starting to fill the space just nicely
  9. O! Sorry thought it was older than that I need to look at the time stamps better lol.
  10. i hate that you cant change the timezone. It always confuses me when I compare my calender to forum posts trying to track down how far a long I am in flowering and what not..
  11. the times shown should be for your own zone, and it will only be a few hours different from other people. it can't be more than 1 day different
  12. I took another photo today, they are growing well. ill upload it in the morning

  13. Maybe for you.. it says 8:33AM but it is actually 11:33PM here the day before.. Or is it the day after? Can't wait for the update!:hello:
  14. If you go into your user cp at the top of the page on the left, and scroll down to edit option, you can change your time zone.
  15. Changing now thanks a lot! I still maintain that I didn't look at the date of the last photo update and got side tracked by the troll in the thread. Updates are why we come! =)
  16. Thank ya for that as well. Unfortunately i cant change it from the app
  17. Oh yeah. One more trick I learned. There is a little arrow at the top of the page that points right. It's directly under the page numbers at the end of the thread title. If you click that it will make the app look just like the computer version does. Then you can change profile options, check notifications, and the works.
  18. Forum genius ova here. Thanks again.
  19. LOL thanks. I spend a lot of time on GC. It's like a second home here. Hopefully we can all get along. I know I'm done PMSing so hopefully we're all ready to play nice. :p

  20. Righton peace and love for all! :smoking::smoking:

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