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  1. Do you plan to grow all of them in that one plastic pot? And how are you going to contain them all in that small space. Im just wondering because I have a grow similar to yours ( youve actually commented in the thread) and I want to have a successful grow. Did you plan to put a mesh wire over them to let them grow to?
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    i dont know where this is heading but im not getting in to a space debate again. my first few posts cover all my plans


    i may of been a bit harsh there, sorry about that. bad day
    ill answer your questions....

    i dont plan to grow them all at all. just the strong fast growing females. males and the weak will be cut out.
    as above, i dont plan to contain them all in that small space, just the strong females. probably 5 or so by the end.
    yeah i will be putting a wire mesh in as soon as they are tall enough to reach it

    i have always intertwined growing shoots through the mesh when i ScrOG but this time im planning to keep all the plants growing under the mesh and then let them all grow up through when i switch to 12/12

  3. its for anyone who is interested in following the progress. if your not interested dont follow it. in what universe would i take someone's advice if i fully disagree with it and give my reasons and they just call me names?

    if this is not clear already i shall say it again. i am not new to growing and this journal is not for people to teach me how to grow. i have been inspired by all the micro grows out there and i fancy the challenge of growing in such a small space. anyone can grow weed in a large area. big grows bore the ass off me, there are no challenges to overcome.

    its also a way to show that anyone can put together a small grow even if they have very little money and very little room. i understand people are sceptical of the numbers of plants in there but they arent reading the thread properly. half of those plants will be male and some will be weak. these will be cut out so the grow will obviously not finish with 12 plants.

    all questions are welcome but i will not be told what to do with my own plants. i know what im doing and i have grown large numbers of plants in small spaces before. that part is not the experiment.
  4. here they are when i started to suspect early signs of nute burn. slow growth, dark colour and drooping a bit. the soil wasnt ready to water but i was increasingly getting concerned about nute burn so i rinsed the soil just after

  5. this is them 24 hours after the watering

    i have now pulled them away from the lights as the pot was effecting air flow through the intakes and it was getting hot near the lamps. not ideal but im not too bothered as they seem to be doing ok. im looking forward to putting the screen in. i havent done a ScrOG for ages

  6. It's not a space debate. I have a grow in a spot that's similar in size to yours. Was just trying to figure out what your plans where but ill look at the begemning of your post.

  7. sorry mate, i have now edited my previous post. i didnt mean to get ratty

  8. there are some photos of the box on page 1. heres a couple more. im not sure what caused the wierd distortion of the shape of the box. its actually a normal rectangular box

  9. You keep saying people aren't reading your comments right instead of hearing what we are trying to say. Even with just 5 plants in that container, that is STILL too many plants in that tiny tub. That's enough space to have 1 health plant. Even putting in 2 plants they are going to suffer. Planting 12 and expecting to end up with 5 is a recipe for disaster. We have read your posts. They just make no sense and we unitedly disagree with your ideas. Claiming you have all kinds of growing experience isn't convincing anyone when you are making classic first grow mistakes. They are already suffering from being planted too close together.

    Also, you claim that big grows are boring and aren't a challenge for you, but you seem to have a hard time with even basic growing. You aren't supposed to feed seedlings. Those plants were way too young to take nutes. But with all your growing experience I'm sure you know that right? :rolleyes:

  10. why are you still here? look, you had your say and i have disagreed with you. your going to just have to deal with that. my plants, my options. im not taking advice from you.

    you clearly have no understanding of what im doing here, you have obviously not even read through the thread. at no point have i said i have given these plants nutes, so making that shit up just makes you look like an ass

    do yourself a favour and just un-subscribe to the thread
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    You said they have nute burn Einstein..... Rinsing the soil won't rinse out organic amendments or pre-added nutrients. So unless you fed them already, "rinsing" the soil was just another stupid move on your part that shows you know nothing about growing.

    If you don't want opinions then you shouldn't have this on a public forum. Continiuing to claim I haven't read the thread when I am responding to what you have said in the thread is about as childish as putting your fingers in your ears and humming "lalalala". You have yet to hold a mature conversation. Which again leaves me wondering why YOU are here.
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    Stop trying to enforce how you grow on other people. There is no right or wrong way to do it as long as they are growing. Just because you don't like it and don't see the point is NOT a valid excuse for you to harass this man in his own journal. I have reported your rude posts several times and hopefully a mod will delete your posts muddying the waters of this experiment journal.

    It's an experiment. I'm sure people ridiculed the first scrogger when they saw how s/he bent and tortured his plant this and that way to fill a screen. I'm sure people told the first sog'er what he is doing is a waste of time and to just grow less and bigger plants. The point is nothing can be known without experimentation first.

    I am not a mod and it's not my duty to police forums but you are being nothing more than a bitch and I had to say something about it.

    I call troll.

    No need for name calling-PF

  13. look at the photos mate, clearly your wrong. i have not added any nutrients, if you read the thread properly you would of already known this. obviously the soil has nutrients in it already. rinsing the soil will rinse out the water soluble nutrients. if they arent water soluble, they wouldnt effect the plant in the first place

    next time, ask questions instead of making dumbass assumptions
  14. You are reporting me because you don't like my comments but you want to call me a bitch? Who is the one braking forum rules? That would be you. Maybe you should report yourself. Trying to get through to anyone on this thread is like banging your head on a brick wall.
  15. If you have soil with pre added nutes, rinsing the soil wouldn't do anything but make more of the nutes available to your plant and make the problem worse...if its even nute burn like you say. Which I doubt. It looks more like they ate choking each other out.

    If your soil doesn't have pre added nutes, then I highly doubt it's nute burn at all.

    If your soil has organic amendments, you can't just rinse them out. The only time flushing does and good is of you've over fed water in nutrients and have a salt built up. Those are just some basic growing facts. I'm sure you will ignore them, but the bottom line is there was no reason to rinse your soil if you haven't fed.
  16. Now this thread is entertainment!

  17. your just repeating yourself now. you have had your say and i have responded. i dont see how this conversation can go anywhere
  18. Any luck or turn around yet?
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    Everyone involved in this argument, please add each other to the ignore list. No need to continue this issue.

    Just a warning jetski, your setup is very unconventional. You should expect other growers may react with apprehension as well.

    I wish you the best of luck, and hope you learn what you set out to. Thanks for sharing.
  20. It's you sir that have been the ass. I apologize for starting the name calling but you didn't have to be so ignorent. I had mentioned previously I wasn't bashing you, untill you became an ignorent d-bag over ppl giving you advice. Sound and clear advice I
    Might add. And point others were trying to make is your "experiment" is not an experiment when it's been done time and time again with crap results.

    The point of this forum I believe is to help each other grow to the best of our abilitys and grow awesome bud. Which is all everyone involved was trying to get across. You say you have growing experience but you too be tripping a lot.

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