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  1. as i said to him before he threw all his toys out of his pram, you have missed the point of this exercise entirely. please read the whole thread before commenting.

    im not new to growing nor is this my main grow. this is a little side project after being inspired by some of the micros grows on here that i have seen. i have been growing for over 20 years using all sorts of methods. this is something im trying out. it is an experiment.

    i have already set the parameters of the experiment out already. you cant change an experiment half way through otherwise there is no point in bothering at all. maybe you and your mate would be better off sitting back and waiting until the experiment is over and then you can compare notes. changing anything now would deem the whole thing pointless

    if you dont understand the point of this i dont care, when i first set this up i didnt concern myself with how you or your mate would feel about it

    its like bitching about someone's tattoo, just get one yourself and stop moaning
  2. Calling a shitty grow an "exercise" and an "experiment" doesn't make it any less of a stupid idea. If you had as much growing experience as you claim, you would know this is a waste of time an inefficient. Growers with 20 years of experience don't waste their time planting all their eggs in one basket. It's a classic noob mistake. And having one grow 20 years ago doesn't take you out of the noob category. But puff up your ego some more. It will make it even funnier when you fail.

  3. there can be no fail, it is an experiment, i really cant put it any clearer than that. as i said please read the whole thread before commenting because what your saying doesnt really make much sense, you clearly do not know what this grow is all about

    as for all of my eggs in one basket, haha hardly, i have thousands of seeds, i have been breeding for years. as i keep saying, all the males will be pulled out as will weaker plants. so you literally have no idea how many plants i am actually going to have in here so your points on the subject are are moot
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    By the time the plants are old enough to determine males from females, they will already be severely stunted. This is basic growing knowledge. Experiments are done to learn new things. This has been done to death by new growers time and again with hideous results. Too many plants in one pot with barely enough lights and you're trying to pass this off as an educated experiment... Or anything other than a first attempt is laughable.

  5. well you have had your little whinge and now we can conclude we feel differently about this grow. as its my grow i will carry on doing what i see fit. i suggest you unsubscribe if your not interested in it. we can then go our separate ways. it would seem the best solution to this

    ahh now back to the plot after all that nonsense...
    heres a photo update two days after the last one
    there is a couple of runts there so they will likely get pulled, ill see how they go first over the next few days

  6. Looks good. looking at that pic I would shoot for 5 plants. 1 in each corner and one in the middle.

  7. thanks mate, 5 plants is probably what it will be once the stragglers and males are cut out. sounds like a good number to me too
  8. Jet bro why does your grow bother people so much? You think that they would just leave it be instead of heckling you so much. Anywho this grow really interest me. I had 6 plants in a container that size they grew great not all tall and scraggly like some peeps say. I did eventually transplant them and that was a bitch all lived and thrived.
  9. Subbed to both, gimme a bit to catch up heh
  10. I like your sig greatkitsune made me giggle like a school girl lol
  11. Glad to be of assistance.
  12. Question: Is the white object on top of the box your exhaust fan? I'm new to all this so bare with me haha

  13. yes mate, that's exactly what it is. it's a 14watt fan, and easily handles the little box, even when turned right down with the fan speed controller
  14. Maybe I missed it when I was reading your thread but what kind of box are you using? It just says plastic box that I saw. Are you using some kind of tote? Or what was the box originally for?

    I am thinking of making one of your setups! I think this would be the perfect setup for an Ebb and Flow system. I am going to have an available T5 light that If I could find a box like yours would be perfect for.
  15. what's a tote? I don't know what to call them, it's a plastic box that most department stores sell for general household storage. they usually stack inside eachother.

    I think some people call them "RUBs" Really Useful Boxes.
  16. Jet I'm in us alot of peeps call em totes. Love too see some pics
  17. growth slowed to a standstill the other day and the leaves were really dark in colour. I suspected nute burn was setting in so I rinsed the soil with just water and BOOM! over night they have grown shit loads. I didn't really want to water because the soil wasn't fully dried out but nute burn was going to rip through them I could see it

    I'll get some photos uploaded tonight when I get some spare time
  18. Keep on keepin on jet
  19. Cant wait to see them hit the screen. I still haven't found my camera.
  20. Whats the point of having a grow journal on a community growing forum if you dont take the advice of anyone or even validate ideas, even if it is an experiment? Why not just put your journal in a word document then? You wouldnt have to listen to anyone nor justify yourself. Just sayin'.

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