very small, very cheap, ScrOG grow diary

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  1. yea man thats what I'm talking about. I'll try to get some pics up tonight. Just gotta find where the wife put the camera
  2. This one is interesting to me. I cant wait for the end result :bongin:
  3. Are you going to transplant into individual pots? If so The longer you wait the roots will be tangled. And keeping 12 plants in a small container is defiantly going to be an issue I just don't think there is enough soil room for all those plants.
  4. I'm looking forward to the results :) and I have also heard the same problems as wickedsmoke mentioned :/
  5. Hi jet ski, me and Moshiry have a mr grow pro thread going with small grows so ill be keeping an eye on this one. The only thing I'd be concerned with is where the roots are all gonna go once those get growing. That's a pretty shallow tray and you have a good number of plants in there. It may be fine, just something to think about.

    Looks great though, those seedlings are coming out nice! :)
  6. I understand your concerns about root bound issue guys but the idea of having more plants in there just gets me to a place much quicker than just the one plant. the same amount of plant will be grown.

    they will be root bound, that's simply a fact. however I believe a little stunting from root boundness will be outweighed by the fact I have squeezed as much plant in there as possible,

    it's all good saying I need to add more room, but the limiting factor is the room. so in effect the only way I can "add" more room is by taking some plants out. this is obviously going to lower my final yield.

    there are 12 in there now but the males and any weak plants will be cut down so there isn't going to be that many by the time it's finished
  7. It's a pretty small container, too small for even 2 plants.

    I honestly don't agree with starting a bunch of plants versus growing one longer only because of your container. They will be so root bound yet will probably stop growing before they get a chance to bud. I don't see a reason to even screen them.

    If each plant was in a 1.5 or 2.5gal smart pot, then yes I would agree a bunch of small plants would get you to an ounce or so quicker then one single plant.

    I think you should rethink the scrog idea, since there all in one container, and you are committed to seeing it through just grow like you would a SOG grow, the plant are going to be very close together. Flowering as soon as they hit the screen isn't really a true scrog in my eyes, merly just there to slow the plants in your case.

    An actually scrog grow In my opinion is completely filled by tucking in and out of the screen during veg, just growing them to the screen and ten flowering won't really fill it in.

    I wish you luck but I just don't see it yielding a lot. Even if only 2 or 3 were female, they will be fighting for soil and nutrients and when there is no more soil they simply stop growing.

    I want to say I'm not trying to bash you at all, merly tryin to give you insight.
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    Also wanted to add.. More plants doesn't always mean a better yield, more plants means more soil, and more light.

    You mention your thoughts were if taken out plants would hurt the yield, I think it would be the opposite. Giving only a couple plants more light and more soil room will help the plant be fuller, more bud. Versus the same amount of light and soil but with 12 plants crammed in there. They just won't grow as strong as 2 plants in the same setup, get it? 2 plants under 150w will do much better then 12 under the same amount. And your only running 90w?

    Keep in mind the rule of thumb is 100w per first plant, and 50w for any extra plants.
  9. yeah they are gonna choke eachother out in that small bin. I would have one.

  10. haha you have misunderstood this exercise entirely. the idea of more plants is to make up the difference of them being so small. the time they will be growing for having just one plant wouldn't fill the screen

    let's put this to the test. how much do you think you would get from this setup?
    if I beat it, I win haha

  11. Lol you don't get it.

    I understand your thinking. 10 small plants vegged for 4 weeks would surpas yield of that of 1 plant vegged for 8 weeks. It has been done before. And can be done again.. But what you don't get I'd you have obviously either not done your research or have been miss informed..

    None of this will work with all the plants in 1 container that most ppl wouldn't even put 1 plant in. There is no point to do a screen your plants if they even grow more then 12 inches will be so lanky and stretched ou won't have a yield.
    Your running 12 plants in a tiny container under 90watts of poor cfl's.

    Do you home work, your starting on the wrong foot.
  12. no pal, its you that doesnt get it!
    its you that needs to do his homework, you clearly dont know what your talking about. if you think your right build a box the same and do it your way, if not just watch and you might just learn something

  13. I like your style jet
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    My first couple of grows I crammed as many plants into the space I had as I could fit. My yields were ok. When I finally dropped from 45 plants to 6 plants, my yields doubled. In the same amount of space, with the same amount of light, I doubled my yields by having less plants.

  15. in order to fill the same space with 6 plants you would have a much longer veg time. im not prepared to veg longer, i rather get it done fast and start the next one asap. this way i get more final weight

    i used to grow in a similar sized box many years ago, although it wasnt quite as short as this one. i was using less light and i had 16 clones in there

    you see having one plant with say 16 branches or 16 plants with 1 branch each is the same at the canopy. but with 16 plants you have 16 stems feeding that canopy so you fill the canopy much faster, less veg time the sooner i can get each harvest
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    Lmao your an idiot. Your Telling me to do y homework, and your trying to grow 12 plants in a 10"by10" container with only 90w of cfl.. Lol! What kind of a yield are you after? 12 grams...

    You barley have enough light for 1 plant. And you think cramming more into the same small container will yield more? Your retarded. You want to grow lanky stretched out plants with hardly any bud go for it moron.

    1 plant vegged for a month and a half will yield more then what your shooting for plain an simple because it wont be sharing light or soil. If that doesn't make any sense to you then hit the books.
    Unless your purposely tryin to grow sheaf.

    Please make your point without name calling-PF
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    haha all that name calling just makes you look like a bellend mate. your not doing yourself any favours

    so i take it your figure is 12grams then? ok ill see if i can beat that. if i get more than 12 grams my way is better than yours, sweet!

    now fuck off and bother someone else, your dumbass comments arent wanted here thanks

    Comments like this aren't welcome-PF
  18. I jappen to like shwagg. I got shwagger tho. So? Keep on keepin on
  19. Sometimes smug ignorance can push a person too far and you are a master of ignorance my man. He gave you good advise. I gave you good advise. Ignore it all you want but this grow will always be a joke if you aren't willing to learn from people who are nice enough to help you in the first place.

    You also need to work on your readers comp. He said with your silly methods you might yield 12 grams. The average grower can yield much more with a little common sense and willingness to learn.

    This brings to mind that old saying "Pride comes before a fall."
  20. I'm betting you get atleast 20 grams

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