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  1. Hey all,
    So i'm completely new to growing and i was hoping to start a very small little grow in my closet. I'm considering getting the Secret Jardin Cristal CR60. I dont have much room to work with in my closet atm and that would fit nicely. Would that be big enough for me to even grow anything worthwhile? If so what size/kind of bulb would you recommend for it (can only be used with CFL)? how would you go about ventilating it? Really appreciate any advice as i'm a complete noob for growing.
  2. With 22inches total height it would be a challenge. With a lot of LST you could do it but you probably wouldn't get more than an oz a plant even with good LST. The circular hole at the top is for a fan. You'll need an inline fan to take the hot air out of the tent. Says on the site no HIDs you could get an led but most LEDs need to be at least 12" from the plants so it'll be an issue. I'd clean out my closet and get a bigger tent.
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  3. Ya after some more research ive decided to try and find a SJ Dark Propagator for a good price. Anyone have any opinions on this deal from T & T Hydroponics. SJ Clone Tent Light T5 Complete Kit
    SJ Clone Tent Light T5 Complete Kit. Includes:

    1-Secret Jardin Dark Propagator 3ft x 2ft x 3ft
    1-General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter
    1-Adjustable Light Hangers 2pk

    Price: 225.99$

    OR I could get just the tent for 127.99$

    definately gonna get one of em just not sure if the package is worth it or not!!
    Thanks for the reply Kyla!
  4. Looks like a good tent and those lights will bring you through veg but you'll want a different light for flower. Would probably be better to buy a light that will bring you all the way. You'll also need an exhaust fan.
  5. awesome thanks! So i'm gonna be buying just the tent! Can a CFL Bulb take the plant through both Veg and flowering stage? I was thinking of doing 5 60W bulbs for 2 plants during veg and then maybe adding 2 more during flowering, would that work? as for the exhaust fan, is there anything in particular it'll need? Thanks again for the help, it's much appreciated!
  6. You need 6500k bulbs for veg and 2700k for flower. You can totally mix the two but if you only use 2700k you'll get a lot of stretching in veg and if you only use 6500k you'll get really airy buds.

    I, like a lot of people started with CFL and then quickly switched to led because CFLs are sort of a pain in the butt. They need to be only a couple inches from the plants so almost every day you need to move the lights but with led you can leave them be. If money is an issue you can get a Mars panel on eBay for like $60, not much more than the CFLs, plus with CFLs you have to buy a light strip and plugs and splitters. It really adds up and I started getting better buds with my led
    Check out my grow, I use CFLs for veg and led panels for flower

    Kyla's Blue Hash in Happy Frog
  7. With the exhaust fan, if you're buying that tent you should get one that fits into the slot on there. An inline fan is what you're looking for. Best to buy a 6" inline fan with speed controller and get some ducting. You can maybe get away with a 4" but most folks have temp issues with a 4"
  8. Sweet! I actually found a local place that sells the Dark Propagator for 99$ so no need to worry about shipping!! Gonna swing by tomorrow and hopefully they have it in stock! As for the lighting i think i'm gonna start with CFL's because I have all the splitters and connectors as well as bulbs already lying around the house! Well, i think i have all the bulbs lol. I have two packages one which clearly says they're 2700K. The others are Philips 13W-60W energy saver bulbs (Daylight). Would these be 6500k? Doesn't specify anywhere on the box. lol sorry if these questions are stupid! I really appreciate the help! :D
  9. I will however be saving up for one of those Mars LED panel once i get some of the more basic stuff i need like the exhaust fan, pots, soil etc!
  10. Yup most daylight bulbs are either 5000k or 6500k. They'll both work for veg
  11. So you mentioned mixing and matching the bulbs before. Should I only use the 6500K for veg and the 2700K for flowering? Im thinking of just having two different light setups that i can switch out when i change over from veg to flowering. Or is it best to add in one 6500K during flowering and one 2700K for veg or some kind of mix?
  12. During flower when the plant needs most light I'd add a 6500k or two just to increase the light getting to the bud sites. Stick with 6500k for veg

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