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Very Slow Growth!!!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by tenacity2986, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. hELLO grasscity. bonjour! I must say i am absolutelly apalled at my current grow. They are approximately 3 weeks old and are growing VERY slow. WTF is with this. The white widow is the one in the 3 gallon and the blueberry is the one in the red cup. The white widow had an accidental overdose whereas the blueberry has been just growing slow for 2 weeks now. HELP IS NEEDED!! The room door is always shut with the window open so I think plenty of C02 from outdoors is coming in. Also im using good soil, foxfarms ocean forest. I havent tested the ph of the water but im thinking that its the same as it was when i grew last year. (6.8)...

    The widow had nute burn cuz i guess its very sensitive so i tried flushing the soil a tad. But growth is pretty much undetectable for both plants and I need to desperately spped things up. Any advice?
  2. here are the pics

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  3. i have the exact same problem except mine had been growing for one month and i have no idea what to do

  4. i just checked the ph of the soil, its 6.8. The water ph is between 6.6 and 7.0... cant really make an exacting measure
  5. first, stop growing in soil with good plants, ph should never be higher than 6.0, also watch for light posioning. your water could be messed up so put it into water jugs an let it sit for 24HRs before watering... check your ferts to, make sure your not over feeding them...mine are 3 weeks old and already 20" tall...
  6. Yea they should be waaay bigger than that,lol. Poor little plants :(
  7. ok thanks for the hate but any advice as to reversing this sluggish start? I mean, what do i need to do to get my pH down to 6 or so? I dont have a huge budget...

    oh yea, can you elaborate on light poisoning?!
  8. my lights are on 24/7... its a 400watt metal halide. I can't handle this. b4 i grew 8 white widows practically flawlessly, and now a year later all this trouble? wtf is wrong with my little baby?! Its a feminized seeds too.1!!
  9. your Ph should be between 6.3 and 6.8. It is strange that your plants are so small. Could just be genetics
  10. People have been having a lot of problems with nute burn starting seedlings with ocean forest. Both plants look over fertilized, and it's stunted their growth. Flush or get them out of the ocean forest and try something else with less ferts in it. I use fox farm light warrior.

    I only add ocean forest after 2-3 weeks when I transplant. Then I don't fertilize for another 2 weeks or until the plants show they need some nutes.

  11. Tenacity, are your leaves yellowing? It's hard to tell in those photos if the leaves are changing color or if it is just the lighting.

    Careful using ferts if also using an enhanced soil like FoxFarm Ocean Forest. That soil comes pre-loaded with natural fertilizers (worm castings, bat guano, fish meal, etc) so the plants should need very little added.

    I suspect the problem is with the root system not being able to develop well. The plant can't grow big above the soil if it can't grow big below. Make sure the soil has good drainage, is not compacted, don't overwater, and even aerate the soil a bit (take a long skinny clean nail and gently poke holes down into the soil).
  12. Flush or replant in different soil immediately. Try just watering them with no ferts for a while, let them go for a bit then start introducing nutes at half strength before switching to full on. Switch them to 18/6 or 20/4 so they can grow a bit more during the dark hours. Sometimes plants can get stressed from too much light like that.
  13. the white widows first set of leaves started turning brown like a soggy brown color yet they werent soggy at all, actually extremely dry and wrinkly and brown like they would crack to the touch. I touched them to witness the texture and the first set of leaves literally willingly fell of the main stem. I flushed the widow with a gallon of fresh water and ive been giving the blueberry nothing but water. I think transplanting out of the current container will just add alot of MORE stress to an already stressful condition. AFterall, stress IS what makes plants hermi considering that these both are feminized seeds! Thanks for your help guys. Sincerely appreciate it
  14. Ok strange.

    The blueberry soil was facing extreme drought so i watered up the kizzup with sum fresh water.

    The white widow soil is still quite moist considering that it was flushed a day ago with a gallon of water. I actually noticed some NEW GROWTH TODAY!!!! wow its absolutely amazing. I havent seen a change in this poor plants characteristics for weeks!!

  15. light posioning is just other light comming into your grow room, you want to keep all other lights outside your growing area from getting into the grow room. to drop the pH you can use sulfuric acid (spelling) mixxing it into your water, a few drops at a time...be sure to test before you water them.....also it helps to let your water sit in a open jug for at least 24 HRs to let harmful additives evaporate....just flush them till you notice major changes, then go back to your old successful growing patterns, i bet you its the water.
  16. I have had plants start off slowly like this and eventually after time they turned out to be very healthy plants . I personally set them in the window sill or in some cases outside . This gave the plants the jump they needed and they snapped out of there little doldrums . I would not recommend the outside approach to everybody however . I set them in the window sill for a week or so and moved them back under the lights at night . I cannot say for 100 % that this will work for you but it did for me

    Also , some seeds or batches of seeds can be Weak or even OLD . When this happens plants do not germinate and sprout like they otherwise would . This could explain why this batch was not as strong as some of your others .

    I am growing some killer plants in soil . I do not agree at all that good plants should be grown hydroponically .
  17. Dude I agree with the Superthrive.. among other vitamins it's b1, which encourages root growth.. That is probly what happened, is your seedlings were a little stunted by the large amount of natural ferts in ocean forest, and you might turn back the light to 18/6 and see if it helps, I veg my plants on 24 too, but maybe your little guys need some rest you know, can always switch it back to 24 when they start using it up...

    And by the way, I don't suggest trying to adjust your ph to 6.0.. 6.8 is just fine for soil..
    And congrats on the visible growth! I totally feel your pain of having them not grow right under the 400 your investing in!

    I was gonna ask you too.. what are the temps like in your growspace?
  18. my grow room temps are hittin up 74ish during nights and 85 during the days.... I have another problem now. They are both starting to grow, yet the veins are green and the lower leaves are turning yellow. wtf. is this already a magnesium deficency? could this be from the ph of the water being off or anything else? Should i use some epsom salt during the next watering? Seems kinda strange to experience the same symptoms in both plants.
  19. sounds like a little slack on nitrogen, if they keep growing i wouldnt worry about it...whats your light cycle now?

    hows the watering goin, you check the ph daily? lol your root system could be dead, an growing a new one...

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