Very Simple Rubbermaid Grow Box HELP!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by 14norte209, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Hey GrassCity , im a tottal noob at growing and i was thinking about making a very simple rubbermaid grow box. Here is what i have in mind:

    ima use a rubber tub and ima put one 20 watt cfl bulb ontop of it ina fixure tht i have and maybe put some foil all around it and thts pretty much it would this work? And would i need a fan? I need ur guys help i would really appreciate it , thanks
  2. Your gonna need more then one 20 watt cfl, more like 100watts per plant. Dont use any aluminum foil, get some mylar(emergency blanket) or polyplastic. Im currently using a rubbermaid box and its worked out great for 2plants. Your deff gonna need a fan you can get a couple 5inch fans at wallyworld for like $6.

    Goodluck Bruh!
  3. well im only gna have them there until they sprout so a 20 watt will be fine for those days then ima take them outside

  4. your a bit late for an outdoor grow bud, but next year have it. in the interim (fall/winte/and a bit of spring) get a couple more CFL's and practice growing indoors so you have an idea of what your doing outdoor next year.

    Outdoor growing (to me anyways) seems alot harder than indoor. Indoor the enviroment is yours, you can control EVERYTHING outside your playing by mother natures rules and regulations.

    Either way I hope my advice helped, and I'd like to wish you Good luck! :wave:

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