Very simple and compact (height) carbon scrubber idea

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    Ok, so this would work best if you're only using PC Fans for the exhaust, no cool tubes or anything (which I will be using, along with LED lights)

    So I'm sitting here planning my next grow box, which will be about 5' high x 2' x 2' - and I'm thinking of how I want to do my carbon scrubber. Then it hit me, I don't know why I didn't think of it before.

    I'll try to explain this as easy as possible:

    Ok, imagine a 5' x 2' x 2' box. At the top of this box is a good PC Fan attached to an exhaust hole. Under the pc fan, a couple inches away is a stretched screen or mesh (over the full 2' x 2' footprint). Basically, if you know what a silkscreen looks like, imagine that at 2' x 2' - here's a picture of one


    So basically, this screen sits below the exhaust fan, and all you would have to do is pour an inch of carbon on top of it. So it's a 1 inch layer of carbon, on top of a screen, with the exhaust pulling air through this.

    I can't see any reason this wouldn't work just as good as a normal carbon scrubber, as long as all the seams are air-tight and the only possible way of airflow is through the 1" layer of carbon.

    Does that make sense? It would actually be really easy, if I'm making the box, to have a removable top, where you can fill up the carbon screen.

    It's so simple, and would only take up an inch of height!
    What do you guys think of this? I think I'm gonna try it out. This would allow me to utilize much more height in my box.

    Anyway, I figure the screen, then the exhaust, then a light trap, maybe 6" high at the very top of the box would work great. Has anyone tried this before? Is it too good to be true?

    What are your thoughts?

    I will definitely make a DIY thread when I start my box if I go this route!
  2. The only other thing I can think of with this is that the edges may be a "weak spot" - but this could be fixed by putting a 1" lip around the edge on the top and bottom (so the edges are covered an inch in... does that make sense?)

    I guess I'll ultimately just have to build this and try it for myself.. I'm building the box out of wood, though.. and I don't want to make it a permanent thing if it's not going to work.. but I really don't see why it wouldnt. Maybe I will make it removable.. like something that can slide out.

    I'm playing with Sketchup right now making my plans so I'll try a few things...
  3. I've seen it done like this before except the carbon screen was above the fan instead of below. I don't see why it wouldn't work. :)
  4. Awesome, glad to hear it's been done successfully before. I think I'm definitely gonna design my box with this filter in mind then. Thanks!

    P.S. here is a in progress view of my box design so far. The black platform near the top would be the carbon. Probably hard to tell from looking at it, but the bottom and top are lightproofing (so in the bottom, the light comes in from the back to the front, up a level, to the back and up into the box. Not sure how I will do the top, probably something similar (but the opposite direction) - but the carbon, I would imagine, will act as light proofing as well so I may not need the 2 levels


    Still probably need some vertical corner reinforcements, but again.. in progress :p
  5. I gotta say, this looks like a really creative and effective solution compared to everything else I have researched. Looking forward to seeing the finished product and hearing about it's performance.
  6. awesome Idea... i've always wanted to make a round tube, looks like a inline fan muffler... it would be placed inline with a fan and would have a open able door with removable 1 inch thick disks of carbon.... it could be easily opened and replaced once a month.. like a house filter...

    but i'm lazy.. I should build one...
  7. question. if it is at the top, wouldnt you want the holes letting air in towards the bottom, this would cause a degree of smell leaking out wouldnt it? especially with a cab that tall. but, im a noob. and i thought boxes werent supposed to be air tight.. are they?

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