Very Sick Plant With Elusive Diagnosis, Any Ideas?

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    This white widow is one sick pup, the reason it has been so hard for me to figure out is there are many impacting variables.  A) When about a week old its container fell over, damaging the stem.  Growth was stunted for a 4-5 days after then it suddenly had a burst of growth, but always its embryonic leaves and first leaves were yellowing with spots.  B )  I had a small fungus gnat problem, no more than 20 adults spotted over 5 days time.  
    So between those 2 variables I can't tell what the issue is, its cousin white rhino is growing in a pot next to it and has the exact same soil ratio and is booming.  I water about every 3 days alternating between a 1:10 worm tea water solution with 1 tablespoon of molasses and a watering of Seasol liquid seaweed and compost.  
    The soil is 50% potting soil, 20% coco coir, 10% vermiculite, 10% perlite, with 1 tablespoon a gallon each of a blood and bone mix and dolomite lime.  Ph is strong and has not fluctuated at all and each plant has a 48 watt cfl over it.  Is this nut burn or deficiency? I went through the checklist without a conclusion.  Is this a disease? I am an amatuer so have not got the eagle eye you vets have.  It is no 25 days old, new growth did look good but took a turn for the worst 3 days ago.  Notice the pattern of the brown spots, very strange to me.  Leaves on very bottom get so crispy if you bend them it comes off in your hand.  Thanks much in advance, tips welcome as well! Cheers!


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  2. she is hot? the soil is to hot, nitrogen overload. so from now on just water until it starts showing a deffency.. she is still i lil young for all the nutes. the soil alone has enough nutes to grow her for a month or so in veg with nothing but water. flush with water and let her dry out again before watering. roots need oxygen to heal and grow so wet roots ALL the time is so good for baby..
  3. growerofdanug is correct, if this is what you do to plants, what you gonna do for dinner guests ...???
    We're coming over, ....
    .just leave out all that supplementary
  4. Ah thanks! This has been an on going deal now for a little while, just strange cause the white rhino loved all the feedings and has shot up under the exact same conditions. I pruned the most damaged areas and will start a flush. Thanks for the help, I've had 2 people look at this who said it looked fine then 3 days ago it just went way worse.
  5. Flushed her last week and looks like damage control worked, new growth is healthy for the most part and growth nodes are starting.  Slight yellowing is starting at the tips, will watch its progression but think you guys solved the biggest issue, thanks heaps.
  6. Good to hear that it seems to be clearing up. I might add that it seems your soil mix does not have much drainage. The potting soil and coir hold a lot of water and vermiculite can as well. Only 10% perlite doesn't seem like enough. I it were me I would have gone with close to 50% perlite. The potting soil and coir will hold plenty of water and nutes. Maybe consider adding more perlite when you repot. I would just be sure that you're not over watering....let them dry out a good bit between. I could be wrong so a second opinion would surely do some good.
    Keep us updated
  7. Good eye man, this was my first time and I've been keeping a very tight eye on it and I noticed exactly what you said, I am really going to add much me Perlite next time, with this mix I have now I only water every 3 to 5 days. She's recovering well, she's doubled in size up to 7 inches but the growth nodes have not done more than the first leaf at each sight. So her development was knocked back quite a bit and I've had to force her into flowering at day 45 because her neighbor white rhino will over grow the pot if I waited any longer.
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    I hope you got some great coco, that salt content can be fatal if not flushed out.
    ive had leaves SIMILAR to yours which fixed themselves after 5 total flushes.
    3 flushes to clean out new coco and 2 more after planting.
    After that i decided to stop using the locally available coco until they get better quality stuff.

    And if youre using soil, why mix coco in there? You already have verm to keep the moisture up. Keep it simple. Making a soil out of unnecessary components just makes it harder for you to pinpoint problems.

    Just use soil, peat, verm perlite, lime and you have a perfect recipe for a soil grow.

    20% perlite is more than enough. The more perlite, the more you will be watering.
  9. i was trying to follow another recipe that got good reviews on grass city as this is my first time playing with gardening, but i think it was to add organic matter as well, and i didnt use much verm in the end.  the other thing too is i bought coir peat thinking it was straight peat, so my next soil will be much different, no doubt.  How often do you usually water with your mix?  this set up i can go 5-7 days without water which isnt exactly ideal.  but 1 flush of 5 gallons did the trick and she is now happily flowering at 11inches tall.  there are no branches but the growth nodes are forming buds at the stem, i expect drastically less from her but at least i still get to taste the white widow :]
  10. Look up coco and salt content. You should flush coco every 2-3weeks. It has a tendency to grab and hold onto salts so it must be flushed periodically.

    Watering is dependant on pot size, root establishment, plant age and perlite content etc
    On average i water every 2-4 days, whenever the pot feels light. The older the plant gets, the more it consumes.
  11. yeah ive noticed, pretty cool thing to watch happen, now the bigger house plants have tripled the water i used to give them to get drain off.  ill take a look into it, so far everything looks very healthy, good to know what to keep an eye out for though.  thinking of giving all of them a flush when they are halfway done flowering.

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