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Very sick, and need to smoke my hash without tobacco. Help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MathiasKrewz420, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Before I get started, I'd like to make it clear that I am NOT talking about the recently more popular forms of hash purchasable at american dispensaries. (BHO, Wax, Budder, Shatter, Etc...)


    I'm talking about THIS kind of hash. Moroccan hash. Hashish.


    Now that that's been cleared up, here's my problem.
    About a month ago, I moved to Denmark (Europe) from San Diego (California).
    Things are a bit different here. Schwag is called "pot", dank is called "skunk", and everything else is hash. This image I found shows the classification perfectly.


    Anyway... I'd rather smoke "skunk" anyday, but the hash I get is fantastic and pretty cheap compared to that dispensary shit (I call it shit because it literally is TRASH compared to real hashish) I was buying from various dispensaries when I was living in California.

    I've been doing what everybody else here does lately, which is breaking the hash down into tiny pieces and rolling it with "roasted" tobacco.
    My problem now is that I'm very sick at the moment with some sort of flu, and tobacco is obviously not the best thing to be smoking at the moment.
    So my question is, without having to go out and buy anything, without having some special glass bowl piece with 500,000 little slits in it, HOW CAN I SMOKE THIS? :eek:
    I've made a ton of intricate homemade water pipes in my day (dome percs, inline percs, tree percs, honeycomb percs, waffle percs, you name it) and I'm wondering if there is any way to make some sort of homemade hashish rig?
    I don't know if you can dab this stuff, but I don't care because I don't have any glass, so again...
    My question is:

    How would I go about making a homemade bong that would work both sparingly (I don't want to waste precious cannabinoids) and reasonably well?

    P.S. I was here earlier in the summer and made a normal homemade triple 6 arm perc bong using a socket as the bowlpiece with a screen. It worked decently, but I felt like I was burning the hash way too much, and the hit tasted like lighter fluid. (I brought a ton of hemp-wick, so if nobody has a good solution, I'll probably just try that again and use something metal as a wand.)

    Thanks for reading, and get back to me ASAP because I'm extremely sick and as you all know, THC has a way with words when it comes to telling sickness to GTFO.

    :smoking: ;)
  2. could always try hotknifing it (heat up a knife and inhale hash from it)
  3. Only problem is I have an electric stove, and I'm living by myself while going to college, so all I have are plastic knives. xD

    Thanks for your reply, though!
  4. Bong with a bubbly on is fine for hash. Use a gauss (spelling?). I
  5. your so lucky to be smoking some good hash .
  6. Is a "bubbly" a screen?
  7. What the guys holding in the pic is a bubbly, like a bowl I guess. Then the mesh is the gauze that holds the hash but allows the smoke to pass, if smoking like this keep it in blocks but squash it real thin, hash can take long to burn

    Attached Files:

  8. hotknife ..i heard u can eat it
  9. You can roll it up like a little snake, light one end and inhale. This will only work with super high quality. Or you could dissolve in some alcohol and take shots...
  10. Alright, so bubbly and guass equal bowl and screen.
    Sounds good. I'll probably just try that again with some hemp wick.
  11. Different lingo ;) good luck!
  12. Where are you located?
  13. If your able to make homemeade bongs with percs, you can make a nail and dome hella easy.
  14. England over here man, for homemade bongs we normally use something like an 1 litre coke bottle or some such with a pipe, bubbly (made out of the bottle cap) for hash and pure weed
  15. Make a bong but use a aluminum foil bowl and use something very thin like a needle to puncture holes in it. If that doesn't work put a little resin on the bottom of the hash to make absolutely sure it doesn't slip through. If its shatter , just make a vaporizer out of a lightbulb (you can find a how to vid on YouTube)
  16. The first few pictures you showed were hash oil, which is a substance extracted from weed using a solvent of some kind. Thats the "shit" you got from dispensaries.

    What you have is hashish, or pressed kief. They're different things, and not directly comparable.
  17. Hash under glass for me.
  18. DIY smoking moroccan hash at home..

    Stick a nail thru a plastic bottle cap, place bottle cap with cap side down with nail pointing up, place a ball of Moroccan Hash on nail, light hash ball, place large drinking glass over the top, allow to fill with smoke (hash ball will smoke like crazy after lit), slip a straw either under the side of glass and inhale or modify glass with a hole and straw attached, then inhale and enjoy
  19. Yes, I know what they are. I lived in southern California for seventeen years and have been smoking that goopy stuff since it became available in quality dispensaries. I can tell you that I've tried easily over one hundred different batches of BHO, Wax, Shatter, Etc. Nothing compares in the slightest to Moroccan hashish. I'm not trying to offend anybody (I really don't see how anybody could get offended by that...) but I was extremely angry when I found out I could get hashish stronger by the tenfold for about half of the price I was paying for those overhyped concentrate dishes of peanut butter looking stuff from San Diego dispensaries that were known for their "quality concentrates".
  20. How? I haven't seen it done before.

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