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  1. I Dont have a digital ph tester so im stuck with the drops. I used medi one from green planets and the drops i use are from general hydroponics. I put 30 ml of the nutrients into a gallon and added over 5 ml of PH UP, and i didnt wanna add it to my plants because i thought that was an extreme amount of the PH up. Is it right though? I have to get water in there asap because they are dry as hell, but they need the nutes. would the browness of the nutes change my drops?? 
    Someone come to my rescue! soil grow

  2. Ditch the pH up.  The use of pH adjusters for soil grows has no basis in soil chemistry.  It's false information that has unfortunately been passed on from the hydroponic crowd.
    Use your water as is...
  3. What about after I put my nute in the water?
     don't do anything to it even tho it reads its under 5 ph? 
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    pH in soil systems is dynamic, meaning that it literally changes from moment to moment.

    Trying to "control" soil pH is a fool's errand.

    pH "test kits" like the one that you are using are notoriously inaccurate to boot.

    If you don't believe me, post this query in the organics forum and see what kind of answers you get...
  5. Agreed, even if you needed to care about the pH, drops aren't the answer. Soil will maintain a stable pH if you aren't over-fertilizing it constantly.

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