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Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Aug 20, 2008.

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    back when the Iraq war was in full effect, i shoulda joined the military, infantry, and then when i got out (if i didnt die) claimed to have PTSD so i could get fat government checks for the rest of my life

    yea i know, its some serious shit what these soldiers go through, but my neighbor that i get dope for everyday gets 2000 a month from bein fucked up in the head from vietnam, never had to work since he got out and he just gets to be fucked up on klonopin and dope everyday for free and still has money for food/rent/etc..

    guess i'm just jealous, not of the fact that he has super scary ass nightmares and flashbacks n shit, but just that he got the good life... not rich, but comfortable and high

    i just thought about this after watchin this pod on current tv about an iraq war veteran talkin about how fucked up in the head he is and how he's afraid to go to sleep cuz of nightmares, n then my neighbor popped in my head

    edit: and even if i didnt come back with a fucked up mental disorder or faked one (i wouldnt of even known u could get govt checks for pstd if it wasnt for my neighbor) at least it prolly woulda straightened my life out
  2. If you've got real PTSD, I doubt you're really living "the good life."

    But shit, you're thinking.
  3. being fucked up on dope n klonopin all day is only the good life if done responsibly
    everyday on dope and benzos is anything but the good life, and im sure you and your neighbor both know that. tell me you livin' the good life the day yall cant score any heroin, then tell me how happy you are.
    and yes.... that thought is extremely selfish, but i do like you're thinking.
  4. haha being fucked up all day and just chillin at your house and dealing dope, ahhh, that is the life.
  5. That does sound like the good life!
  6. Selfish? Eating your roommate's snacks is selfish. This is just beyond reprehensible for a number of reasons.

    But I'm so hungry right now. Perhaps when I've satisfied my gullet I can tell you in detail how filthy this is.
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    the day we cant find heroin? that day doesnt exist my friend, i got connects in multiple towns.. and my dealers are almost always good, but theres only 2 dudes i ever really go to, i hate fuckin with other people cuz i gotta go into the fuckin slums, plus i know the dope is good from my main 2 dudes, although i got complete garbage the other day, fuckin really pissed me off.. i knew somethin was up when i was only supposed to get 11 n i got 13

    now.. running out of money at the end of the month.... like right now... that is when the good indeed does suck dick.. if he moved away, my heroin addiction would stop on the spot, cuz i got a minimum of 50 dollar a day dope habit, i like to do more than that though, so thats what, at least 350 a week without bills, and i buy bundles for 85, n i always fuckup n do all 10 bags in like a 2 hour period, so really i'd need around 600 a week.. n i aint findin that job anytime soon

    edit: n yea like i said i know its a horrible fucked up thought, but a thought none the less, i'm all about being a bum getting paid for free, but it just doesnt happen under normal circumstances
  8. so the whole rehab thing didn't really work how you said it would

    i'm disappointed in you man
  9. If I remember correctly he said he went to rehab because he wanted to quit for a while not forever.
  10. yea it didnt work, i shotup 45 minutes after i got home from detox

    it would work if i didnt have my neighbor handin me 100 bucks to get him dope everyday, and of course i could say no, but i mean when ur a dopehead u arent gonna say no to free dope u know?

    yea i can only blame myself.. but its the truth, i was a "responsible heroin user" for months u ntil they moved in, and for like the first month they would just give me 200 bucks every few days so i was still good, but then i got robbed in the hood so they didnt wanna lose 200 again so they went to 100 everyday, occasionally skippin a day.

  11. thats a pretty crazy man...thats a great sort of scheme just to get out of rather just do some work i guess...the army seems too intense just to not have to work that hard later in life....
  12. $2000 a month isn't very much, especially if you have to go to fucking war in order to get it.
  13. oh yea? my family (me my dad my pap) all live on 2000 dollars a month from my paps pension.. all the bills are paid, theres always food... seems to me that 2000 a month is quite enough for 1 person to live comfortably

    like i said, "not rich, but comfortable"
  14. My grandfather transported flock after flock of soldiers in a LST on D-Day. The majority of soldiers he transported died that day. (All of which would have lived if he hadn't been a LST commander in the US Navy, but also maybe we wouldn't of won WWII if his boatloads didn't land, you never fuckin know.) You know what he fuckin did? He didn't cry to the government, he sure as hell wasn't a bitch and let it hinder his work when he got out. He manned up. Did he talk about D-Day much? No, but he didn't let it negatively affect him either.

    Our society is filled with pussys now a days. Man up. People die in war. Shit ain't pretty but you signed a paper saying you will lay down your life what the fuck did you expect?


    End rant.

    If you don't wanna read then here: We shouldn't have to pay out for "mental illnesses" our soldiers get. Previous generations manned up, but now we are acting like pussys.
  15. honestly, seeing people die wouldnt fuck with my head at all, i'm an emotionless heartless bastard, and death of close family/friends has never even made me upset, hell, i've even pushed myself to death before and the fact of "its a miracle i'm alive' doesnt strike me as being profound at all.. people die, its ur only garuntee in life

    i just want a check man
  16. Everyone wants a check, but no one wants to earn it. Including our GIs.
  17. wow, you are viewing this entirely the wrong way

    A man can't psychologically handle mass killing, and so he's a pussy? Your grandfather took it better because he had the satisfaction that he fought in a just war. Vietnam and Iraq vets, however, have to reconcile the sick and immoral things they saw/did in action with the nationalistic, patriotic propaganda that gets pushed down their throats. This is likely a contributing factor to PTSD.

    On the other hand, perhaps your grandfather did have a mild form of PTSD. The rates of this illness haven't climbed, and people aren't "acting like pussys". Prior to Vietnam, PTSD had gone ignored and undocumented. I'm well acquainted with the mentality of people from the WWII and baby-boomer generations, and they're nowhere near mature enough to even conceive of such a thing.
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    And Negligent, I hope your next needle comes with a nice dose of HIV. You're the kind of the wastoid, welfare-dependent trash that has made this country into the shameful hole that it is. The fact that you'd be willing to tap into a system that's already denying soldiers the proper psychological treatment they need is just the icing on the cake.
  19. Not that im condoning this at all but you realize that if you start collecting at around 30 and live to around 80 (which is not unreasonable) at 2000 a month by the time you died you would have collected 1.2 million dollars.

  20. lolz... 24000 a year is a janitors job, just get a real job and you can live even more comfortably. and you say u can take the sight of people dieing!!! lol yea right. The Iraq war has more US suicides than deaths due to battle. You probably have never SEEN death either. Not just the sight of someone dieing but the sight of blown guts everywhere and the fear of your own life.
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