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Very Ready for Tonight

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by happytrails420, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Ya GJ OP, a lot of people in this thread who 'know best' :rolleyes:, I mean, why should anyone ever try anything fun and different?
  2. [quote name='"OGkushak"']thats not 3 grams no matter how tight you pack it..


    U can't really see how fat it is from the angle in the pic but trust me if its not 3g its 2.8 atleast cus it was like 3.4gs this morning and i took like 3 er 4 bong snaps before the day started :smoke:
  3. Right on man, cool piece. Keep it in good shape. My very first bong was an 11" zong-style tube that looks similar to yours, but yours is way better.
  4. I've seen bigger, tighter 1g jaybirds. Just saying.
  5. Ya there's absolutely no way that there's 3 g's in there...
  6. bro at least that looks like 1 gram
  7. Doubt that is anywhere near 3 grams, also one of the more idiotic ways to waste weed I've seen some newb post.
  8. Your supposed to stick it in a bowl and the surround the joint with weed, so once it burns down to a roach it lights the bowl with no lighter.
  9. Jesus, there's not even a bowl there. The kid just stuck that joint into the down stem.

    Filthy, IMO.
  10. In my opinion just take out some weed from the joint (enough for 1 bowl) and then hit that to the dome then wait a few hours and relax with a joint hanging from your mouth.

  11. Sounds like you already are
  12. #32 washedmothafuka, Nov 30, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 30, 2011
    OK GUYS! So it's not 3 grams, so it's not the best idea....get over it! Go cry somewhere else. Bunch a fucking panzees up in this bitch.

    OP, I liked the idea when I saw it. Yeah it wont milk as nicely but it will be smoother than smoking the j and why unroll something that you just rolled? Fuck the haters man, I used to be one...actually still am...but only when it's needed.

    Edit: See, dude above me had to get in his word. What was the point? Oh what's that? There isn't any? Ohhh...that makes sense because you CantThink. :D
  13. Smoke it til it's all done brah.:wave:
  14. I suspect op is under 18.
  15. [quote name='"The Poor Smoker"']I suspect op is under 18.[/quote]

    I suspect u have 16 total posts, gtfo!
  16. You all need to quit yo bitchin. I agree its not the most efficient way to smoke a bong. But I love joints, and I don't mind wasting the little bit weed that gets wasted. I think the fun in smoking is trying new things. There's no fun in just packing bowls. Well there is cause you get high, but you know what I mean. :smoke:
  17. [ame=]Family guy - I'm so ready - YouTube[/ame]
  18. I wouldn't usually do this if i'm alone, but I've done it plenty of times if i'm with friends.
  19. looks more like 1.5 or 2gs to me bro, but yeah, you should either just smoke the joint itself or pack some bowls.
  20. Jesus Christ. The op post was just positive as fuck. You guys just completely rip on the op. So rude! Who cares if you waste a little herb. Its all about having fun. Life is too short to worry about losing 0.15 of a gram, if that. Seriously guys :p. Op, id shred that zoint contraption anytime. :DHave fun man.

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