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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by TonySoprano451, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi all! I'm starting my first mini indoor soon (PC Grow Box: 4 100w CFL's, 1 intake + 1 outtake 120mm fans, LST and/or SCROG). This will be my first time!

    I wanted to know what's the best strain in terms of plant size, yield, THC content, and especially noob-friendliness (if it's easy to care for, etc.)

    I'm looking for an indica strain, because I read they're more of a couchlock high (it will be for smoking at night, when I'm on the computer), plus they're smaller.

    Any suggestions welcome, especially if they're from first hand experience!

    (Oh, and is my setup ok? should I get 1 big CFL instead of 4 small ones? 3 fans instead of 2?)

    Thankkkks and happy blazing!
  2. I started with some random bagseed just to see the plants cycle of life. That bagseed was nice!
  3. Setup seems fine, I didn't see anything about watering in there so I presume you are doing it by hand.
    If this is your first EVER grow, the yep i agree with 420ranch, bagseed is the best to test on.
    If you have one under your belt and you are a little more confident, have a go at THC Bomb. There are a couple of very well documented grows on here where it has been scrogged really well and the resulting plant yielded a pleasing amount of very good bud.

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