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  1. I have a 12v 2amp pc fan.

    I tryed to hooked it up to a 5v 2amp wall charger. It spins for a few seconds then stops. Do I need a bigger wall charger? More volts/amps hurt the fan?
  2. I got like 20 f**king wall chargers at my house but there all 5v and under and won't move the fan and anything even close to 12v is my damn laptop charger. Anyone got any bright ideas? lol
  3. Question. Would a 100 count light set work or is that still pushing 120v and fry my pc fan.?
  4. Get a wallwort that is rated 12v 2amp . Just read them to see if it matches the specs, it's easier than making it overcomplicated and burning your house down.
  5. wallwort?

    not sure what that means.
  6. A wallwort is one of the small power supplies, they have a black box with prongs coming out of it, to plug into the wall, attached to a small wire with a male jack of sorts at the end to plug into whatever you need to power. Find one that says 12v 2amp on the back of it, cut off the male jack, and attach the leads to the corresponding wires for your fan.
  7. Usally I call them wall chargers. lol
  8. Ya, you need a 12v wall charger to power a 12v fan...
  9. Wire two of your 5v wall chargers in series for 10v. Or by a 12v 2A wall charger. :)
  10. Hang on a minute mate :eek: - you almost certainly DON'T have a 2 amp PC fan. That's obscene. That would be like having a 6 litre V12 golf caddy. I have a large pc fan and it draws 16mA (0.016 of an amp). Check it again!

    The fan will likely run on anything beteen 10 and 14v. 5v is just a little too low buddy.

    12v supplies usually come around 0.eight to 1 amp (sorry, eight button is busted!) Reason being that dc voltage is very dangerous. Don't mess with it.
  11. AC is a lot more dangerous than DC...
  12. You can use a power supply that has a higher amp rating. Just not one that goes over the voltage (12v). If you had one that was 5 amps then you could run 2 of those fans off of it. If you have an old printer and still have the power chord i would check that. That is what I use and I power 3 fans off of it. Or you could go to radio shack and get one that is pretty cheap. Just tell them what you want it for if you have any questions. Just don't give them any more info than they need!
  13. Sorry lads, but DC is extremely dangerous. You take 24vdc to the balls and I'll take 24vac to the balls, and see who can still have kids. AC alternates the current, meaning it pushes and pulls. If you grab a live DC cable, it will only pull, your muscles will contract and as much as you want to, you won't be able to let go.

    And, once again, the PC fan can't possibly be 2 amps, can it? Do you have a linkee?
  14. Yeah

    Don't do that :eek:
  15. It's the current that's dangerous... You take 2.4v dc @ 100 amps to the balls and I'll take 240v ac @ .00001 amps...

  16. I don't see why not. Works fine for me. :smoke:

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