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    care instructions
    Reflector bulb E14 Max 25W

    Ok Im gonna build a stalth grow box for 1 or 2 plants and am going with CFLs.


    Box like above only 2x2x2 or 3x3x3 in size

    Basically I want a string of CFL lights sort of like Christmas fairy lights in a strip that I can just tie up and down and plce where they are needed.

    Im having dificulty finding lights that can be just plugged in so am thinking about getting say 5 or 6 of the lamps show above and replacing the bulbs with 25w CFLS to get around 125/150 W going on in my box


    Basically do other people think this would work and be safe/

    If anyone has any links to hardware/DIY sites that sell similar products (in a dream world I would like a string of wires that run off 1 wall plug that has about 5 or 6 lamp heads to mount the bulbs in (like they have on building sites)

    Again any help is much appreciated

    Thankyou and sorry to ask again:D
  2. that will be fine. Cfls dont put off much heat anyway but look around for the y sockets where you can put 2 bulbs in 1. It will save you some money.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I will look out for them Y things. If the lamp says it will take 25watts. What will happen if I put a Y thing in and run 2 x 25 watts of it? Will the lamp be able to handle it?
  4. yes
  5. I made one very similar. I cut a few holes in the lid, and actually pulled the wires of the lamps through and attached the cord at the hieghts I needed. I did not need stealth so I cut a hole in the side and placed a good 10 inch box fan blowing in to get those stems strong and cool the box, and I cut a round hole in the center of the lid where I placed a round 4 inch fan sucking out heat... If you plan on keeping the lid on till they outgrow the box you will need some kind of venting system and fan cause I used 5 30 watt cfls and it caused that space to heat up to high for growing. With the fan blowing in, and one small one sucking out I grew great in that little box
  6. Thanks for the reply guy. Im gonna try something out. I will put fans in (was gonna do the old phoe charger and computer fan job0

    Was also thinking if the box might be too small of investing (robbing) something like these.




    you guys think any of these containers will work/

    Same light set up about 100-150 CFL multi light system
  7. Yes i have seen many sucessfull grows in garbage cans ..
  8. Do I detect any sarcasm there?

    im only gonna be looking at 1 or maybe 2 plants so really want to keep cost down and not meaning to sound like a thief but rather than pay £20 for a box I would prefer to rob a bin.

    Seriously though with a bit of modification would it work?
  9. ^^No i have seen many grow that were sucessfull especially on overgrow. It will work :)
  10. Cheers mate. Didnt know if you were being serious or not.

    Thanks for the advice.

    By the way in another thread about CFLs I saw someone was on about Socket Convertors.

    You know what they are?

    The lamps I showed above I would strip all the shite of em so I am just left with the wire bulb and plug fittings. Is there an easier way to get this method

    ie. Buy a plug, buy some wire, buy one of them bulb srew in thingys and wire them together

    By the way Im shite at electronic stuff but I can do plug wiring
  11. Well... probably. The 25W max refers to the max heat the housing/reflector can handle. If you screw in a 50W incadescent bulb you will have melting platics!
    (I have quite some experience in overheating lamps, amps, CPUs, powersupplies etc...:D )

    If you are serious about putting these lights in a plastic garbage container its best to :

    OBEY the manufacturer's perscribed usage of equipment.

    Those 5 Euros are nothing compared to your safety and that of those who live close to you.

    Anyway, you'll want to have 1 reflector per 1 CFL so I guess its best to just buy 1 lampholder per CFL, so you can do some handy work with aluminium foil or white paint. Pay attention here if you do so, hazards of electric shock and fire exists.

    Also, depending on how long your CFLs are, you may want to mount them horizontally instead of vertically. If so, you need another type of reflector, something flat presumably.

    Whatever you may construct or allocate for growing plants in, please keep us up to date with your pictures and thoughts...and... good luck!

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