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Very purple weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by oddstory, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Hi. I just wondered if this looks like true purple weed or the kind that got turned purple by that one method that I don't even remember. Whatever. 1. I'm high. 2. There isn't a two. Just read my post and answer or don't it's ok

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  2. looks like the its been messed with to change the color, but hey what do i know, im just some guy on the internet. looks like decent weed anyway 
  3. Looks normal to me man but weed can turn purple just from being grown in a cold climate.

    Oh and btw just so you know man, people will wanna answer your question (logically and without insult) and help you more if you don't sound like such an asshole in your OP.. Lol😎

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  4. Hahahahahahahaha I love you.
  5. It looks kind of weird in the grinder when it's so purple eh

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  6. If the stem is purple, then grower may have used food coloring in the water. If stem is green and bud is purple, then thats some damn good bud.
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    I know a guy who had a horrible first grow. Temps getting up to 110f in veg and near freezing at night during flowering. I was amazed his plants even survived, but in the end he had a giant 5ft tall purple bush to trim up when he cut it.
    Wasn't a healthy plant by no means nor very good weed lol.
  8. That looks pretty dry
  9. Yea bro looks dank smoke it up and let us know how it went..........👌👍

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  10. I smoked it. Lots of it. Wasn't any better than anything else. I would have shared with you guys
  11. Lol a friend with weed is a friend indeed bro 😂😂

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  12. smoke that shit

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