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very particular parameters smoking inside, any help?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hanmic, May 4, 2016.

  1. i've checked some other threads about smoking inside, but we are working with some different parameters than what i've seen mentioned here. our upstairs neighbour came today to tell us they could smell us smoking inside - actually we've been smoking joints inside here for a year, but this was the first time they have said something. i did think it was quite unusually strong smelling today myself, but we had never had a complaint before today.

    weed is illegal under all circumstances in my country, no mmj cards here.
    this country doesn't have fans in the bathrooms, so that's out, too. nor do we use dryers that much, no dryer sheets.
    all the vents in this apartment building, where we are on the next to top floor, are connected. that's how the neighbour could smell.
    we have a huge balcony, but it is right next to other balconies. i don't know whether breeze helps to dissipate the smell or carry it to everyone else. i also don't like moving about so much, i like to smoke as i'm doing other things, so breaking like that is impractical for me.
    nighttime on the balcony could be ok, but our neighbours are out there a lot, and i prefer to smoke in bits throughout the day as it helps me with chronic nausea and some crap like that.
    i am too short to safely cover the vents, which are near the ceiling, alone, and we can't keep them covered all the time.
    currently, a vape or glass piece would mean saving money for a long time, and weed is very expensive here, and joints are the cheapest option, however i confess i don't have the expertise some of the forum members seem to have about vapes and glass. pipes are 50/50 for me anyway whether i'll feel something.

    i had thought maybe a combination of going into one of the bedrooms, opening the window the entire 6 inches that it opens (one of those small corner windows, only option), turning on an oscillating table fan, and burning incense. i could make that work in the game room. however i'm worried this won't be enough, or that the incense will have a negative effect on people in the building with scent allergies (like my best mate).

    if anyone can troubleshoot even one of these points, it would be really helpful! thank you very much!

    edits: just clarified and typos, forgive me, i'm stoned.
  2. Too bad a vape is not an option because there's no odor.

    Ask the neighbors if they want some?

    Just use a one hitter?

    I'm so glad I don't have to hide my cannabis.

  3. as i recall there is a bit of smell from a vape, but true, it's significantly less. but that's a matter of months for me to get one, there's not really an inexpensive but functional option here. probably going to go for a volcano.
  4. Vapes absolutely smell but you have to be right there to smell it. Get a paper tube put a small piece of cheese cloth on one end held on with a rubber band and fill it with activated charcoal and put a piece of cloth and rubber band on the other. Blow your smoke through that until you get a vape. It will last a while and all you need to do is empty the tube, rinse the charcoal out, dry and refill. After a couple of times replace the charcoal. See if you can get ozium or some other neutralizing spray (might not be available) if you can order that at the same time as a vape then I probably would.
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  5. Make QWISO and smoke that. What country are you in?
  6. thanks both for replying!

    i have seen this as a solution for some people, but nobody has explained how they make it work with joints, since the end of that is always giving off smoke. i guess i thought i made it clear that for all intents and purposes, my neighbours are indeed right there in the room with me. our building is essentially made of cardboard.
    the exact country isn't important. i would have to research qwiso and see whether making that would produce just as much smell, and whether that's practical with the prices here. it's about 24USD for one gram, and i never have more than four or five grams at a time, it's simply not feasible.
  7. oh, qwiso requires not only a vape which i still did not get a chance to buy since last night, and quite large amounts of bud. so that won't work, but was interesting to learn about!

    if someone reads through the whole original post and determines something like "the problem is the joints," or "there's no way to tell if the wind on the balcony destroys the smell or spreads it," that's ok to reply too, because i need some definitive answers. thanks!
  8. Most people who can't smoke at home for whatever reason just go somewhere else to smoke, how hard's that?
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  9. harder than you think! there's plenty of reasons any one person wouldn't have anywhere to smoke but at home. it sounds like there's no easy answer.

    does anyone have an opinion on whether more smoke can enter other apartments via the balconies or via the central air vents inside, if you're also using a fan either way?
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  10. Good grief. Stick to beer.
  11. It may go up to their balcony but its not really going to defy physics and evlnter their apartment too much.

    Skip the incense.

    Light candles and blow them out when know how they leave that just blown out bday cake smell.

    Get some ozium, smoke in bathroom and either take a nice hot shower with extra soap after or just spray the ozium.

    Maybe invest $50usd into a bubbler.

    Hotbox a closet with no vents then ozium.

    Smoke in room with least vents.

    Cut off ac or heater when smoking, spray ozium after.

    Just bouncing some ideas at you.
  12. Open a window. Get a fan. Use bowls instead of joints... If im not mistake they call the dryer sheet things "sploofs" i saw a pretty cool looking one online for $20 and $5 replacable carbon filters.
  13. well, if you recall, my specific question was whether someone knows if a fan and window inside can let more smoke in than the balcony, and i asked how sploofs work with joints, as i did also mention that a bowl isn't doable right now due to cost and that bowls don't really give me any feeling.
    now this is actually getting into some real answers, thank you, but i want to just follow up for clarification - spraying like the ozium seems to come after the smoking, whereas i need a smell cover or removal DURING the smoking. or is ozium for during? in any case, if it's the same word i think it is, it's not available or legal here anyway. (we don't have ozone filter thingies.) i'm curious why you suggest skipping incense? is it too subjective whether it masks the smell, or what?
  14. oho, turns out it's actually not allowed to smoke on the balconies in this building. even though we own the unit, they still forbid it as the smoke can go to other people's balconies. so, i think i'm going to have to ask in some kind of air conditioner technician forum, if nobody else here has experience with this kind of thing (which i find a little hard to believe).
  15. Or maybe ask a magician forum, that may be even better. It's odd you chose to smoke pot which is against the law but refuse to smoke on your balcony which is only a rule.
  16. To answer your question it will definitely REDUCE smell. Sploofs with joints arent to effecfive because smoke comes off a joint like a motherfucker

    Ive never had anyone live above me so idk if smell travels through vents easily.. ive found letting smoke sit in the room im smoking in and then airing it out half an hour later reduces smell in MY home and the smoke dissapears. When family members come in they can smell so i usually avoid smoking inside.

    There are just so many factors youre asking about that people cant answer accurately unless we were to see your situation. Obviously airing it out and deoderizers will work. But you basically need to spray a whole bottle of ozium.. if youre airing it out and your upstair neighbor has their balcony open youre kinda fucked cause itll smell
  17. there's no need to be rude. if you sat and thought about it for one second, you might realise that the balcony rule means that all smoke smells will be more noticeable to people on their balconies, that there won't be other people's cigarettes to cover it. some critical thinking if you're going to reply something like that, honestly.
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  18. thank you for mentioning the specifics of the sploof issue. i found it totally weird that people kept saying that! however, i think that the rest of it isn't so specific to this one building - see, i thought that smoking inside with the window and fan might keep more smoke out of the central air vents, but then i wasn't sure if that would be less than could enter people's balconies.

    i can't believe nobody's ever had an apartment and wondered whether the balcony or the central air was a safer bet!
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  19. Is there a certain room you can smoke in without a vent? I used to smoke in my closet and just close the door. Only about 30% of the smell escapes to the room in my experience
  20. I LOVE YOU THAT ONE STONER, because while i don't have a room like that, i have one with some very questionable vents, namely a sauna. i just went to hold up a lighter to them, but i couldn't tell how the air is moving. if anyone has had experience with this, i'd love to hear it! sauna can be a smelly place.

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