Very nice LED grow lights - Kessil H150 series.

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  1. After finally getting some in at the shop, I got to play around with the Purple and Magenta models. They are very small, but manage to put out a lot of light. I'm adding them to the 3K and 10K MH lights in the flowering room.

    The price is still expensive, but it looks like small powerful LED lights for plant growth is finally here. They have also released a blue light for vegetative growth and a pure red light for bloom boosting.

    I'm not putting away the HID lights any time soon, but these are really nice for supplemental light in the flowering room. I imagine these lights are going to really come in handy for all you cats doing that stealth deal.

    Kessil Lighting- The Spectral Revolution

    They retail for around $350 a pop.

    Kessil Lighting- The Spectral Revolution

    I will, in the near future, be doing some experimental grows using these lights only. Things are really busy for me, so I don't know when I'll get to it, but now that we have these lights in stock, I'm gonna do some playing.

    If anyone has experience with these, chime in.
  2. No experience with them, but for the small medical grower with a tinkering bent and a deep wallet, they'd be fun.
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    They are actually performing very well so far. I'll update some pics of the plants flowering under two magenta Kessils, compared to the same cloned plants flowering under 6000 Watts with CO2 properly setup with all the bells and whistles. The LED flowers aren't as developed, but they aren't far behind either. These lights have serious promise for stealth grows, tent grows, supplemental lighting.... I have the pure red Kessils in the flowering room, and the pure blue spectrum being used as veg. boosters. The plants respond to the LED light in a positive way. These things are really cool. For now, they will remain as supplemental lights to beef up the red end of things during flower, and as experimental grows in tents.

    Bottom line is that these are the start of the new breed of LED grow lights. Not panels, but bright, overlapping point sources.

    I know, I know... pics are coming.

  4. Very exciting news. If any manufacturers out there want *me* to test one, I'm game :)

  5. Are you just adding the Magenta lights to the hps lights or just putting the magenta's alone?
  6. Any idea what the lumen output is on these?

  7. I ran the two magenta lights alone in a Dark Room 120W tent with two Spoetnik plants. I also put two other plants of the same strain and age into my normal flowering room. The flowering room is 11x11 with standard ceiling height with six thousand watts and CO2 enrichment.

    I have since added the magenta lights, along with one pure red light to the flowering room.

    I flower under Sun Pulse metal halides with a 3K temp rating. I don't use any HPS lights anymore.

    I think these lights do best for micro growers, and as supplemental lighting for other primary light sources.

    I have no idea what the lumen rating for the lights is. You'd have to call the company as it isn't listed in any of the literature that came with the lights.

    I'm also using one of the pure blue models for the veg room. Currently I have it over a sixty unit EZ cloner, and everything rooted just fine. Faster than normal actually.
  8. Any updates? pictures?
  9. please reply with some pictures of these kessil in use, im planning to buy one.
    so i truly want to se how it works (RED)

  10. Sorry guys, I've been really busy having a baby (a real human one), and building a new 12K flowering room.

    The original flowering room is running strong with the Kessil lights. Two magenta and two pure red bloom boosters. The rest of the light is provided via six thousand watt sun pulse 3K MH bloom bulbs. The big lights are on movers and the LED are stationary.

    Kessil has just released UV LED lights in 15K, and they now offer their other lights in a wide angle lens that gives much better coverage when used as supplemental lighting. I will be using these wide angle lights in the new, larger flowering room.

    I will get some pics up soon.
  11. Why on earth would these lights be worth it? They seem like they have a very low 36 watt output. Wouldn't it be a better investment to buy a 50 or 90 watt ufo for supplemental lighting? Can one of these lights support one plant? I have looked at these led's for some time and for the price it just seems like they cannot perform. For the same price I can get a 240w blackstar flowering light that would produce a bigger footprint at the same distance. I'm really trying to understand the worth of these lights as compared to higher wattage devices.

    FYI: I currently grow with LED as my main source of lighting. I run 126w. Also I am not trying to be a smart ass but I really am curious why Kessil?

  12. There is really no way to compare light output from LED's with wattage of any other lights. LED's are so much more effecient in turning electricy into light than any other source. To do comparisons you need to measure the actual light output. Another plus of LED's is thier life span, hundreds of times what you would get from any other light.

  13. My guess is because he's the one selling them...

    They've got some awesome technology though, because they've only been in business since 2009, but they managed to do 5 years worth of LED research in those 2 years according to their webshite...

  14. I am comparing LED to LED which you can do.
  15. He is selling them because he is talking about "stock" in the first post. If he is using the lights as supplemental and not a main source that is pretty sad IMO. What kind of selling point is that? I mean 35 watts for "$350 a pop" is crazy. When these lights are $85 I will consider buying. For supplemental purposes only. :D

    I also checked out your micro grow. It's crazy small and very cool.

  16. I don't sell any lights. Fuck you Loki. I can get just about anything at wholesale cost. I chose these lights because I wanted to give them a try. Plain and simple. I've been quite impressed. Fuck you Loki.
  17. Really? Didn't you post...

    Why would you stock something you don't sell??? You can get "just about anything at wholesale cost", but you aren't a dealer... okay, that makes total sense.

    And of course, you JUST GOT THEM IN and yet, you're very impressed... I guess it just takes more to impress me... Now, fuck off...


  18. I used to work at a store. I still get the discount on everything the store sells. They have accounts with all the big distributors, so that gives me a big selection. I chose the Kessil lights because they are small and awesome. Wank off Lokster.
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    No offence, but I agree with Loki here. Even if we ignore the above quote, we can see that these lights are 36W(40W MAX)... I don't care if the output spectrum of these LEDs are perfect for growing Cannabis, 36W isn't going to do jack shit.

    In addition, even YOU are using these lights as SUPPLEMENTAL for 6000W (six THOUSAND watts) with CO2. They are no good. Shit son.

    I may well have some info wrong here, feel free to correct me.

    Edit- I may have the wrong end of the stick here, however, it seems from your previous posts that you have absolutely no way of knowing the effectiveness of these lights. Do a side by side comparison and then we'll see. As I said, 36W is 36W. You won't grow with that.

    Edit2- StinkBomb, this post^ may have been worded too strongly, so my apologies. I just think it's silly using a 36W, $350 supplemental light. When you could just get as many $1 CFLs as you can fit in your box and they'd do a better job.
  20. ^^^^^Exactly

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