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  1. I'm new to growing. Right now I think they look pretty good. 1 is a wk old , 2nd one is 5 days old. But w/ the lights so close to them how do you keep them from drying out, but at the same time not watering to much.??? How often do you fertilize ??? Ive got miracle grow Pour and Feed...for the big one, and peters fert. 20-20-20 on the 2nd....

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  2. Well you don't need to make a new thread every time you post a reply :) Just go "Post Reply" or "Quote"

    Now about your growing. Looking healthy. You probably shouldn't use ferts yet, what's the NPK ratio on your 1st fertilizer? You water as often as needed to stop it from drying out :). Those are just my 2 cents, lookin healthy.

    Note: They are kinda lookin stretched like mine were. You may want to put more soil in to about a quarter inch below the first leaves or lower the CFL's so they are closer.
  3. I usually give my babies a single decent-sized dose of nutrients on Mondays. I've thought a few times about doing half the nutrients in the solution and giving them nutes 2x a week, but I know I'd get stoned and forget that second one for the first two weeks or so. The once-a-week thing seems to work quite well for my babies.

  4. sorry for reposting your picture, but i thought i would point something out to you that would help you. do you see the circled leafs on your seedlings? those are your cotyledons or embryo leafs. these will sustain your seedlings for up to 2-3 weeks depending on strain and growing conditions. when they start to yellow or die off is when most people introduce nutes unless using a "super soil" mix. at this time, i wouldnt worry about nuting, however i would try to get more soil in those pots and a pot upgrade asap. you may want to add a fan for circulation and heat control. you can get the cfls a lot closer. gl welcome to the city :D

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  5. I have an oscilating fan over to the side , that stays on. The 1st fert has .02-.02-.02 . So I should go ahead and repot those and put more soil.. The nutrients I put in to start w/, when I put the seedling in. But havent put more. So when those little leaves turn yellow I had more right? Thank you for the help. Any more advice is more than welcome. I dont know jack about growing now smokin' thats different. :smoking:
  6. you dont have to repot just add more :p and dont add any ferts until they got a few sets of leaves then use doeses regulated by how much it says to add per litre of water if your into that, ive used no ferts until recently and my plant has done great also water everyday if you have to if the soil is dry below 1 1/2 inches below the soil then water i used to do this somtimes twice a day( hps light was too close) but my plants did fine :p dont give em too much love tho and ask alot of questions and youll do fine
  7. fert until the plant is 21 days old...
  8. I'm not sure what strain it is. Just some seeds in a sack I got.That way if I mess up it wont be a major loss ( in theory )It'll be a major loss to me, I'm ready for those suckers to get mature :)

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