Very little new growth and then it dies

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  1. I'm new to the forum - thanks in advance.

    I've been growing my plants for about 3 years and this is the first time I've had this issue. I took 10 clones from Mama (like normal), placed them in rockwool under flourescents until they rooted.

    Then I planted 6 in about 3 gallon containers (same ones I've been using with 5 holes drilled at the bottom for drainage). I use a 250W HPS with a constant oscillating fan.

    I use a mix of perlite, potting soil and mushroom compost. The temp was sitting at about 81 degrees so I cranked the air conditioning up and it's around 78 degrees now.

    All 6 slowly started dying so I added CalMg and some BioGrow (as always). The plants have looked the same as the pics for about 3-4 weeks now. They don't seem to bite in and start growing. Any new growth that does come in dies in a few days and it's been in that cycle for about 3 weeks.

    I'm wondering if it has to do with the containers and chemical build-up?? I have 2 'spares' that are still under flourescents, but they are not the greatest, either. These plants have grown like clockwork until now and I'm afraid of losing my entire crop!!

    I've attached pics of 2 of the clones (at about 3-4 weeks after being in the dirt) and one of the setup so you can see how far away the light is.

    Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

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  2. containers arent your problem, its not like you're limiting the space for roots to grow, but as for the chems, i dont start adding them until their out of the seedling stage, but u didnt start adding them until after they looked kinda dead, so idk whats the problem, srry
  3. I've never had to flush the plants before, but I saw in another post that someone puts the containers in the tub and pours about 9 gallons in them. Does that hurt to try?
  4. idk, if u did then u should drain it comletly, btw, how long did u wait to trasplant after u cut the clones?
  5. I generally cut clones in the veg phase and let them sit in rockwool until they root (about 15 days). Then I give them about another week under the flourescents before I move them under the 250W HPS.

    The 2 I have in 'reserve' are ones I've repotted back into the smaller containers and are under flourescents.

    They definitely had good roots and much more leaves than you're seeing now.

    Time is not an issue at this point - I just want to be back in business and have them growing again.
  6. Of the 5, I took 2 and did a flush on them in the tub - the 5 holes were clogged in each!! I'm going to use those 2 as a control to see what happens. The roots had grown, but not where they need to be.

    Next step is to repot in strictly planting soil (with clear holes) after seeing how little the roots are - don't think it will be any more traumatic.
  7. try to cut down on transplanting so much, plants will go through shock when u transplant, do it so many times, its like a little knife cut on ur hand, do it once, no problem. do it 50 times, u got a serious situation
  8. I understand about transplanting - only do rockwool, small plantars and then the 'final home'.

    My buddy and I retraced our steps and determined that we used too much mush compost. We bought new potting soil and repotted the 5 (along with the 2 reserves). The roots weren't all that and we're hoping for the best. It's a weed, right!?!?! :)

    Lesson learned (#189) -always use the same ratio that works - don't eyeball it!!

    Later - will give an update in a week or so.

  9. alright man good luck with the grow, looking foward to updates with pics
  10. OK - no pictures yet, but it's been just over a week since the transplanting and it looks like each little baby has some very new, little, green growth. The soil mixture is much better and is slowly drying out (the old mixture was like mud when we dumped it).

    We used 20 parts potting soil, 2 parts mush compost and 1 part perlite. Also made sure the drain holes were completely cleared out.

    Also able to get the temp to sit between 75 and 79 (the highest I've noticed so far).

    Hopefully, there will be enought new growth over the next week to be able to submit a pic showing that it's back on track.

    Fingers crossed!!!

    The 2 'spares' that are kept under flourescents are doing well - new growth is clearly visible, but still very small. Hope to get the main ones back on track before taking the last of the last.

    Will keep you posted!

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