Very limited space. What do you recommend? (PICS)

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    I'm sick of paying for weed, so I decided to grow myself. The space is very confined, but it has good airflow, I guess. I have soil, nutrients, everything but lamps. I have a 400watt HPS, but obviously thats too much. What lamps should I go for? My friend used CFL and got about 15gr from a Dieselryder (lowryder 2 variant). I hope for atleast 28gr. My budget is high, so I'm sure I can manage it.
    How am I supposed to grow here? Cardboad box? A closet? A PC case?
    One thing to note is that noise is very important; I don't want it to BZZZZZZ all night as I sleep in the same room. Smell should be minimal.

    I'm thinking of buying Northern Lights or Blue Mystic, then LST them/it. Is this a good idea?

    Heres my dorm room:

    And heres my desk with the red mark supposed to show where I intend to grow:

    Just another pic of my desk and grow-space:
  2. you would have to measure and then i would look up one online. i believe there is a model that is in a filing cabinet with a 150w HPS or something. i would run a cfl during veg and then a low watt hps during flowering to keep the heat down. grow an indica and you should be good to go with some dank bud and a reasonable yield
  3. I think I'll invest in a dresser. Small one. Probably find a used one. Then saw everything out, put in lamps, and it should work. Right?
  4. yea that should work just make sure its sealed and light-proof
  5. Bump before I go to bed :)
  6. You are nuts to try to grow in a dorm room. Growing MJ involves strange noises, odors, and activities that you just will not get away with in such close quarters. And if you're caught you will be flushing your college education down the drain.

    To grow MJ you need your own, secure place, which a dorm room is not. While growing is very tempting, don't push to do it when circumstances won't allow you to do it very stealthily.

    So no, it's not a good idea.
  7. ^ cue Debbie Downer sound effects LOL

    Don't get busted for one plant. Don't grow in a dorm. You will never be able to hide the smell. Also, it will take 3 months to grow 1 oz. with your plan, you will still probably end up buying weed for a while anyways.
  8. yeah wud not recommend it ive grown in college accomadtion before
    the plant stress levels are fine but urs are thru the roof all in all not worth it:)

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