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Very interesting (Make non toxic tobacco that gets you high?)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JNorris, Nov 17, 2011.

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    Hey guys so I was just in the seasoned tokers section looking at peoples ideal smoking rooms, which I have to add was pretty interesting haha.
    While reading I came across this little excerpt:

    " Process: First, the tobacco must be removed from the cigarettes. This is done by rolling the cigarette in the fingers while applying pressure, which loosens the tobacco, causing it to begin falling out. Collect the tobacco from ten cigarettes, and place in a coffee maker as you would coffee grounds (if you don't have a coffee maker, you can just place the tobacco in a filter instead, and run hot water through). Keep reloading the coffee maker with water and restarting the cycle until the "brew" comes out as just a pale yellow (this removes nicotine while cleaning many of the harmful compounds out of the tobacco - and, by the way, this doesn't damage or permanently contaminate the coffee maker). Dump the "brew," unless you're interested in poisoing small animals by boiling off the water, dipping darts in the remaining nicotine oil, and sticking them in the victims. Now take half of an eighth of mid-grade cannabis, tear it into the tiniest grounds possible, and place in a bottle. Add six tablespoons of isopropyl alcohol, and let it sit for 24 hours. Then filter out the cannabis plant material, and mix the filtered (green) solution with the processed tobacco. Allow this wet mush to evaporate while stirring every now and then to ensure even depositing of cannabinoids into the tobacco plant material. Once it's dry, all that's left to do is pack it back into the cigarette papers. Keep in mind that the ends of the papers often need to be twisted to ensure that nothing comes tumbling back out.
    Congratulations: You now have cigarettes that get you high! Smoke these anywhere tobacco is tolerated - a restaurant, a casino, a sidewalk. Or, if you're strapped for cash, you can sell these. People will easily pay $3 each, and sometimes up to even $5

    I cant for any reason think of why this wouldnt work, can anyone confirm or give opinions?

    Or better yet, put the infused ISO in a spray bottle and evenly spray it over the sterile tobacco?
    Also to improve the method, of course, use a cigarette rolling machine
    Also, Maybe spraying the ISO over some herbal blend, such as damiana or mulien leaf
  2. :confused_2:This seems like a lot of work when you can just smoke weed.
  3. Well to bust out one of those cigarettes in public lol, might be stinky but looking at it, it would look exactly like wacky tabakky
  4. This is definitely something I'd at least try out. But do you really think a half eighth of mids is enough for ten cigarettes?
  5. If your going to mix weed n backy just use 25% weed 75%tobacco. Then refill cig. That works for me.
  6. Why are you envolving a blender. Add loose tobacco to a jar water and shake it.
  7. #7 JNorris, Nov 17, 2011
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    You mean coffee maker? Haha Its not my technique, I take zero credit for it lol, just thought it was interesting, I felt I knew everything performed with marijuana, but im always learning :p I know its basically identical to how "spice" is made, except the use of ISO instead of acetone, as for dissolving the chemical into a liquid and adhering it to a substrate
  8. Except cigarette filters are made of cellulose, which filter out your precious cannabinoids.
  9. Does this technique make the marijuana smell like Tobacco? I honestly don't understand the concept. And it would have to be used with rolling papers because Cig-filters don't go well with Mary J.
  10. I imagine that'd make for one hell of a harsh smoke. Cool idea i guess tho.

    But it might be better to just buy an e-cig and use cannabis infused glycerin.
  11. The weed sitting in the ISO for 24 hours would destroy the THC, you need a quick rinse, maybe 10-20 seconds. :smoke:
  12. As for the filters, pop the filter out, put a "joint filter" in
    For those who dont know, its more or less a rolled up piece of paper lol.
    Again, im not saying this method is amazing or its revolutionary, I just thought I'd share and see if anyone was interested/could benefit from it :)
  13. 24hrs is far to long in ISO unless its like 1%.. or less... lol
  14. Yeah I didnt even catch onto that untill after haha, So it would be more of a QWISO prep, cept you would spray the qwiso liquid on a substrate rather than letting it dry

  15. Actually, it wouldn't destroy anything. The hash would be less potent because the alcohol would extract other unwanted chlorophyll and waxes and whatnot. It doesn't destroy the cannabinoids.

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