Very interesting article comparing blunt smokers to joint smokers

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  1. Hi everyone, i was just browing the net, when i stumbled upon this funny little article. It presents its information in a bland yet efficient way, unlike some things that are quite biased. I found it particularly funny that it compared people who only smoke blunts to people who only smoke joints, then people who smoke both interchangebly. What the hell was the point of this?

    If its tl;dr then here it is shortly: read the first page, then you can skip the explanations, and read the charts for a couple laughs
    From 2006
  2. Blunts are disgusting and I've never smoked one. Joints are cool if you're in a group of people or outside. Nowadays I just vape.
  3. damm thats interesting but some people will find this very racist lol
  4. How do you know they're disgusting if you've never smoked one?
  5. It is just a little bit, but only by saying if you smoke blunts youre most likely black, living at home, and other things. But the rest of the info seems unbiased

  6. I just stopped right here.

  7. Coffee is more gross than blunts lol, it makes my mouth taste like stale shit
  8. the most racist comparison ever. im white, 20, educated and in college and smoke blunts all the time. its just what you like man!

  9. It said that if you smoke blunts you are likely to be black and whatever else. Not that you are black
  10. The only blunt I ever smoked was a honey skin. Sick shit. Didn't even take a 2nd hit.
  11. Blunts are far from disgusting, they're full of weed, how is this disgusting?

    I prefer joints since I can throw 10-20 of them in a tin and I'm off. Blunts are smokes that should be enjoyed either in stages, or with a group of friends. Only a handful of times have I rolled a blunt and smoked the entire thing by myself, cause I could. :smoking:
  12. I'm black and I prefer joints.

    For some reason I tend to appreciate the amount of smoke more and try to get the most out of it.

    Plus I don't feel like I'm smoking more paper than weed.
  13. I smoke joints and Blunts. Blunts usually being the thing I smoke when I got money, and something to celebrate.

  14. Because of the toxic shit that the cigarillo papers are made with. That's why he can say it's disgusting without having tried one.
  15. I would still be using blunt wraps if it wasn't for me quitting cigarettes(Don't want any of that shit in my lungs anymore!) Blunts cost a lot of money though! Not the wrap itself, but the amount needed to roll one. Same with joints, but atleast with a blunt you get the that nice, slow burning, smooth hit.....OH yeah, and I'm white. lol haha. I don't think that has anything to do with it.
  16. I don't smoke blunts often but I love them, even if they taste a little bad, it so easy and calming, you get to smoke nice thick puffs for like 20mins! Its fun... esp when all you do is take bong rips..

    No bong to clean after:p
  17. Veteran blunt smoker right here
  18. Interesting article but I can't stand the way it is written. By the way I'd be a mixed user.
  19. i used to smoke blunts all day everyday.. now i hate them, they will mess with your chest kids.. get some papers and a vape
  20. [quote name='"skimFL"']i used to smoke blunts all day everyday.. now i hate them, they will mess with your chest kids.. get some papers and a vape[/quote]

    And even if you get papers, theyre still bad because theyre bleached. gotta get hemp papers

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