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VERY important t-break question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smoke4life, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hello all, please dont flame me with the "use the search button" rant because i did use the search button and couldnt find anything on my question. So i take Klonopin (generic if that matters) everyday for anxiety (for a private issue) I take 2 and 3/4ths Mgs at night before i go to sleep, i know thats bad, but im trying to slowly ween to a lower dose. Well anyways my question, i have been smoking everyday for 3 years non-stop, and i absolutely CANNOT sleep without smoking, even with my medication. I currently have some lean, a few pain killers (very low dose) and some alcohol, i know none of the above are supposedly safe to be taken with Klonopin or any benzo for that matter, but i have to take a little bit of something to sleep, its important i sleep tonight, so out of all of the above, which is the safest route to go with?

    P.S. thanks to everyone who replies
  2. If you got $6.00 on you, go to the drug store and pick up some Tylenol PM. That shit will knock you right out. Not the answer your looking for but by far the safest. Good luck with the Klonopin, was addicted to that shit for years...
  3. Is that safe to take with klonopin? (and thanks 4 the luck, i need it, funny how they prescribe this shit out like candy)
  4. Try you some Melatonin man. Its (mostly) all-natural and you can get a 150 count for 9 bucks at Wal-Mart. I'd believe it would be safe to take with klonos.
  5. Tylenol Pm is an Antihistimine and is perfectly safe to take with Klonopin. Stuff works like a charm..
  6. Tylenol pm doesn't work for everyone, drinking a beer or two with the k-pins wont hurt you, but give you a nice buzz and a good sleep
  7. Eat a big turkey dinner. Shit knocks me out harder than weed ever has.
  8. lol at the turkey comment

    id go with the melatonin or some velerian root
  9. Yeh most of my family takes melatonin, doesn't it come from our bodies anyways? Pretty sure melatonin is made in the human body, its not addictive and no negative side effects. It should calm you down and help you fall asleep.
  10. THANK YOU EVERYONE! i decided to take melatonin since its supposed be non-drowsy. once again thank you everyone
  11. hahahahahahahahahaa

  12. YESSSSSSS!! :smoking::smoking:

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