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  1. so i took a drug test that is getting sent into the lab. i did everything i could to prepare for it but was still a little nervous. my situation was that i hadnt smoked for like 7 days ( but i smoke good shit ), and i took a lot of green tea extract and such and some but not a lot of niacin, and than i also took a zydot detox bottle. anyhow; when i was done they said it was going to be a test for 10 different drugs. I was nervous when my sample came out dark. so i went to walgreens/cvs right afterwards to see if i could pass the at home one that is FDA approved and such. anyhow, i took it and it showed a VERY, and i mean VERY faint line, but there was a line. now the book says that if it is a faint line than it is considered negative. but will the lab do more testing to find out? it was from a family hospital center so im not sure. also, if it DID come back positive are there any suggestions on what i should do? like just deny it and demand to take another test?? anything that would help would be appreciated. if i get through this im not gonna smoke till probation is over at LEAST... i need help ladies and gents...
  2. You're more then likely straight homie. As long as the only drug in your system is THC then you should be straight.

    And if it comes back postive, All you can really do is hush up and take it. Say you made a mistake, You were really stressed and decided to smoke a lil pot. That you havent smoked since and wont smoke ever again. BTW tell this to your PO if it goes that far. And that you'll prove you wont smoke again by everytime you drop there will be less % of THC in your system or it will be completley gone and stay that way.

    I got lucky enough on one of my cases for this to happen. I failed my first drug test since i finished a ounce off in 2 days, exactly 2 days before takin my test. Well i got tested all the time and 1 month, 3 weeks and 4 days later. (I still remeebr the exact amount of days) I had to go to court for my FINAL hearing. I told the judge im clean, Im more then willing to take my drug test right now before we even start the decision process and he let me do it.

    I passed with flying colors. I quit for that long, I took detox and everything jus to make sure i'd be clean.

    Took it back to the judge a couple hours later and he noticed everything was clean. He seemed happy that i was comepltley clean and after a lecture and blah blah blah if he sees my face in this court room again ill be doin time ect. He warned and dismissed my case.

    So good luck homie, Let us know how it goes.
  3. just say u were with some friends that smoke and caught contact if u come up positive.
  4. They'll think he's bullshitting them and be more harsh on him.
  5. thanks guys, i hope ill do ok, im just worried that the line will be faint and than they will do the gchrom/mspect thing and than i will be screwed cuz im sure there will be a faint line. (ive convinced myself =)

  6. Yeah, good point.
  7. keep us updated :)
  8. if it comes back positive there aint shit you can do really... just be brutally honset with your PO and they will respect that. Don't lie, or say something far fetched, they will always assume the worst.

    just quit the weed while your on probation, if you can't take the consequences for something you've done, you have bigger problems to deal with them passing a drug test.

    good luck bro
  9. like i know im going to stop at least till im free, so would bargaining with a PO work..ya know like asking to take more drug tests and stuff. It wouldn't go back to court right away would it?
  10. i found out that im getting it done by quest diagnostics...anyone know anything about it? also, i was checking their site out, whats the differenc if it says that if its for a federal employer or a non federal employer? which am i? im an average college kid..

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