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    hey everyone, i just saw a commercial for that tube thing you fill with water and place it in the soil of a potted plant, it waters the plant to the perfect amount for like a week. wondering if i could use this for an outdoor grow. of course the grow would ahve to be in a pot with the pot in the ground but i am planning on doing that anyway.
  2. No, It only holds a little bit of water and would be pointless. If you want to do it for a marijuana plant it would have to be very large and could attract unwanted attention.
  3. When I planted some trees(legal stuff :p) out side my house and a drought was comming on, I just punched a few holes in the bottom of a 5 gallon bucket and filled it with water and put the bucket next to the trees and just left it there for a few days. Worked fine, however this may not be stealth

  4. Doesn't the water just run out of the holes instantly until the bucket is dry?
  5. im thinkin he meant small holes

    if you do some tiny ass holes, once the ground directly under/touching the holes is pretty saturated, the drainage will begin to slow significantly

    probably wont last days, but more than a minute or two
  6. Ahh, another victim of TV advertising! The aqua globe kinda sounds like a good idea, but its not really suited for our type of horticulture.
  7. in upstate NY your not going to need to do that. just grow them to a decent size in your closet or somewhere close probably a foot and a half tall and let them get nice and hardy. then tranplsnt them to your predug hole with lots of good stuff in it. you can throw other things in there for moisture retention like peatmoss and perlite. you can water only a few times a month and be fine. just cover it over with some mulch or manure or something and youll be good to go. give it a good water after transplant come back in a weeek and whammo! itll shoot up a foot.
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    yeah I don't use the auto machine (you still need to haul the water there). I water a lot once a week-10days with a nearby water source (my spots are found according to thahe water wource). I have smaller 2-3 plant plots I water myself (I'm a DIY nube). The machine is great if you know how to do it right and if you're going on a trip (1-3 weeks without being there). You need to bring and then hide the tank.
    The bottle or pot with small holes for water is not a good plan (drains or clogs up, and as long as you're there with the water just water them! The only guerilla way (simplest and less trips) is to water a lot every week or so (water for 1 hour or so with your plants, slowly but a lot).
    Just like Greenmeany said, use a peat based mix to retain water. If the native soil is clay (retains water) you want to use just a little in the mix, dig a smaller hole with a mound (elevate roots from water), fill it up with compost, potting mix (not peat and clay)!!! Clay is worked best all year round (so use a little). But the walls of the hole will be clay so that will retain water too.

    Use sand to lighten clay soil (see organic section). Add lime,ashes if pH is acidic, sulfur if pH is alkaline. Chalky , hard clays, some light colored sands are alkaline (like ashes, chalck, limestone). Some clays and sands (with silica) are acidic.

    Or use perlite, vermiculite (expensive here). I don't use per or ver.

    Anyway, stealth and water organisation are #1 issues for success. Good luck.

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