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  1. Alright, so I failed my probation drug test last week and im supposed to go see my P.O tomorrow to talk about it because she loves me and I have passed all my other tests by bringing in piss but this time I failed because I couldnt get piss and I used a detox drink which did nothing but dilute it. I thought of an excuse but I have a question. Im about to say I was at my friends house and we were eating brownies and I didnt know until afterwards that they were weed brownies. But now the question for all of you is, does eating pot brownies go in your system just like smoking would. PLEASE HELP!
  2. i lmao at the P.O. loving you part...
  3. Lol, She Really Does Though!
  4. yes dude, eating brownies totally gets into your system like smoking, as long as they did a piss test and not a saliva test you'll be good with that excuse.
  5. Yea its the same thing as if you smoked so if you wanna go with that excuse go with it but i would suggest saying you second handed it
  6. Thank you all.
  7. oh yeha and good luck :wave:
  8. Depends how thc for the 2nd hand part. Also try to have sex with her.
  9. i don't know that she'd believe that is my only concern. how about...friends were smoking, you accidentaly inhaled when they good luck man. let us know how it went
  10. Saying you ate brownies is much better then saying you got second-hand smoke. That would be admitting you were exposing yourself to drugs by choice, and most people on probation for drug related charges have clauses in their probation agreement that prohibit them from being around drugs/alcohol.

    Now eating a brownie doesn't say anything other then that fact you ate a brownie, doesn't say anything about the enviorment surrounding the situation.
  11. im going to go ahead and asume that if you dont reply to this thread tomorrow you got locked up... :eek:
  12. The brownies thing is a good idea, you'll get bitch slapped if you say you were around others smoking. Its a generaly consenses that levels would be below the cut off, even in hot boxing situations. And it likely to only be one or two times.

    Personally however I think it may be possible, say if your friends smoke like 10 blunts an hour in a closet or car lol. The way I think about it is if you like hotboxin to get higher, you get that extra thc out of the air, so if your smoking taking hits then it will add to it, but if your not, youll just get some thc maybe a slight buzz, something like 1-2 hit equivilent.
  13. It's pretty dumb but just about the best excuse you could have. Say your friends wanted to play a prank on you because you didn't tell them you were on probation, just that you wanted to quit and did. So they kind of screwed you over.

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