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  1. I have been having the slightest problem of the course of my first 2 years in my gardening indoor endeavors. However, I have been consistently having the slightest problem with ending up herm plants and then some plants developing just 1 or 2 pollen sacs which is all you need.

    I had checked everything else until going in there the other night when it was finally empty and realizing that one of my 2 power strips had a LED lit power switch. However dim it is, I am absolutely positive this has been giving me problems all along with messing with plants.

    I have never seen this mentioned in all my research so I decided I would at least take 5 minutes and ramble it out on here just to get the thought out of my head.

    Thank you for reading.
  2. Been said plenty times unfortunately pal , tape it up or use a power cord without any power indicator on , hermies happen for loads of reasons but just be grateful you found a likely cause .
    Clean the room twice , vacuum all corners and creases and clean it again , including lights ducting and fans , especially air circulation fans

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  3. All I can suggest is to clean the whole room down. I use a spray bottle with 60|40 water/ iso alc mix and I literally spray everything down with that and wipe it all down as well. Plain water alone takes care of the pollen and the iso alc helps clean at the same time. My first plant hermied but that is because I was feeding it a shitty nute mix and took too many leaves off. Could be the strain or it could be a list of things like environment, lighting, or any kind of stress like defoliating.

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