very high right now

Discussion in 'General' started by ImmortalGropher, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. And typing something one would not expect from a smoker....

    So I wanted to say....IN YO FACE LAWLZ. CAN I HAS CHEEZBERGER?

  2. Being drunk impaires your spelling, being high doesn't. When I get really drunk, I have to close one eye to read and type texts. Haha
  3. I has a lobster pizza next to me :)
  4. Can I has a slice sir? plz?

  5. I think I should give it to the cat. Sam looks like he has the munchies.
  6. omg, plzzzzz? i is starvy kitty =*_*=
  7. Next time brotha
  8. Man, I'm hearing music in my room and I can't figure out where it's coming from.
  9. Haha that shit happened to me last time i smoked lolol.,

  10. I got my signature idea from yours. So thanks. And maybe that music is coming out of your phone. No, your just really high.
  11. I just ate a shit ton of gourmet chocolates and two big pieces of turkey, now a granola bar XD!!!
  12. i'm high watching conan... sad that my video thread got moved to a forum nobody looks at :(
  13. -sits down with ya- i'll chill with ya ma'am. conan is cool. highlander rules all tho.
  14. i wish conan would bring back the Walker Texas Ranger lever
  15. I wish the same thing. :(
  16. Those bowls got me way higher than I expected. I'm currently half way through the second and I'm taking a break. Gonna play Dirt 2 now.
  17. my shit takes 3 hits and you're fuuuucked up hahahaha.
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    I wish it was physically possible to eat more than six Saltines in a minute.

    Huh. Apparently some people can do it.
  19. Haha yeah, no matter how baked I am I can still type competently, but not when I'm durnk ass fkuc...;)
  20. Mr. Nice Guy imported straight from Cali, I've never gotten this ripped off so little! :smoking:

    Especially when using my trusty Gary the Gravity Bong :metal:

    I hope everyone here has a fantastic day ;)

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