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VERY fun 'strategy' game

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by velkrosmaak, Jun 3, 2006.

  1. Well, this is my first ever post on a forum which i've been browsing for some time now.

    The game is called Binhead, or Binlid. You will need:

    • Pint glass (or frisbee, bucket, similar cylindrical object. note: diameter is directly proportional to the length of the game
    • Toilet paper / kitchen towel / rizlas (experiment)
    • Elastic band
    • 5p (smallest coin you can find)
    • A few joints / spliffs
    • Water (optional)
    1. Put a bit of water in the pint glass if you wish (or if it's has a bit of a drink left in it, don't worry about emptying it).
    2. Take the toilet paper, and place it over the top of the pint glass, making sure it's covering the whole opening, and it's nice and tight.
    3. Use the elastic band to secure this in place
    4. Place the 5p in the middle of the paper
    5. Spark a joint, take one or two tokes, and burn a hole in the paper. (be strategic)
    6. Pass the joint on, and get the next person to do the same.
    7. The person who makes the 5p fall in the glass (with a satisfying 'clunk' or even more satisfying 'splash') has to perform a task. (skin up, make a round of tea, etc).
    As I say, most commonly this is played over a pint glass, though we've played it over a frisbee before, which took all day and probably about 10 joints between us. Good times though!

  2. sounds cool, the persom who makes the 5p fall in the glass sucks my dick lol
  3. haha..yeah i guess thatd be fun..cept ud prolly all just get blazed and pass out playing..or just foregt what u were doing and leave haha
  4. sounds like a stoner version of that old ass game break the ice.

    i actually played that a month or two ago with a few younger cousins at a family party. i don't mix well with the adults in my family. they are all boring suburban people.
  5. Damn, you beat me to it! And same, we just had a family party here at my place, and i chilled with all my younger cousins, watched them skateboard and played a bunch of video games. SO much better than making small talk with my parents friends.
  6. I can't say either of those two have ever happened...
  7. That sounds pretty cool man. That would be somethin cool to do on one of those nights were you just keep smokin, an smokin.
  8. haha best game to play high is the bible game, my friend got it for one of my friends as a joke. its funny shit man they ask you questions on the bible and you play mini games having to do with the bible.

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