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  1. So I want to start growing in a few months I kinda know what I need but I can always use more advice. So I was going to grow in a closet for lighting I was thinking of using t5's when the plant is in the veg state then when its in flowering state switch to a 600 watt hps, I know it will cost more but won't the result be better? Also idk the size of the closet but if its 6x6 do you guys think 1 T5 and one hps will be enough or should I go with two? Also I need advice on the soil and nutrients I know to look for nutrients with n-p-k 20-20-20 but I'm sure there are other things out there, I hear monster bloom is good, also what should the ph of the soil be when you first start growing and in the veg state and in the flower state? Also I've heard of putting a little hydrogen peroxide in the watering water to help fight against fungus pests, what should the ph of the water be? (After adding peroxide) thank you everyone and sorry its so long and if anyone has any tips or advice feel free to msg me or comment thank youu
  2. for a 6x6 you might need around 4-8 t5's. One 600W Hps will do.

    I use foxfarm soil with foxfarm nutes (grow big, and tiger bloom) and they work really nice together.
  3. Okay cool thank you, also do T5's come in pair of 2s? Do you know if I should use different nutrients for different plant stages?
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    Hey Travmo,

    -Nutes: I use foxfarm soil and their trio line of nutes (big bloom, grow big, and tiger bloom). And yes there is a certain time to use nutes durign the plant cycle. Tiger bloom for instance is for flowering only, so I have not even used it yet because I am still vegging.

    I also follow the foxfarm updated feeding schedule, which can be found here.


    I currently have a T5 setup, I only have 1 of them, and i got it veggin 2 plants.
    Mine came in a hood that fits 2 bulbs, but there are some that have 4, it depends.

    1 T5 not enough for even one plant. The T5 has a hard time penetrating through the leaves once it gets bushy. Then some CFL's on the side are needed.

    Here is a picture of my setup ... you can tell that my plants are bushy as fuck now, and the T5 cant penetrate to the bottom. Unfortunatly my 2 CFL's are in use growing my third plant. My lower branches are suffereing from a lack of light. (the plant on the left is 35 days old in this picture, the middle is 31 days old)

    On the other hand, this grow was just off 1 2" t5 ... having 2 or 3 in veg would be amazing. On the other hand, it would be more feesable for you to get a mh/hps kit and just run MH if your gunna buy the ballast and hood for the HPS anyway.

    hope this helps, if u got any more questions lemme know
  5. What is the plant cycle?
  6. Hahah nvm

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