Very First Outdoor Grow :] And questions about it.

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  1. Alright,
    So a very close buddy and I have taken on the enlightening project that is a guerilla grow op. We planted 12 seeds, straight into the ground (no time to germinate them) on May 24th. We plan on harvesting some time between Sept. and Nov., unless they mature before then. I'm fairly certain they're indica, I don't know what strain. It's been 3 days since planting, and ive yet to visit them.
    We live in Canada, about an hour south-ish of Toronto, and i was wondering if anybody has an estimate as to how tall the plants could get in 5-7 months, and also how big of a yield we might have.
    Im guessing because we planted seeds straight into the ground, maybe 8-10 will germinate, from there 4-5 will be male, and of the remaining 4-5 we might get 3 full plants if we're lucky. Does that sound right ?

    Also, the plot is situated by a small creek/pond and it had been really hot and sunny all week prior to planting, and yet when we dug the holes the soil was still really moist. Im hoping that this will eliminate some of the need for constant watering. I'm going to check on them tomorrow (May 28th) and i'll take some pictures, if theyre even popped yet.

    So if anybody could answer the questions i have, thatd be much appreciated.
    Thanks everyone ! :]
  2. the growth time sounds kinda long..7 months? damn...anywho, hopefully you will keep updating your doing the same except im germinating mine...i am also about 500 miles south of you
  3. Kay,
    So i went to check my plot this morning, and was kindof disappointed as to what I found.
    One plant has sprouted, its a couple inches tall and has its second set of leaves coming through, which im happy about, but all of the other holes that i put seeds in have no sign of sprouting yet ):
    I'm suspecting though that i missed a few plants because the undergrowth around the plot grew alot more than i expected it, and its all about the same height as the one sprout is. I'm hoping that the next time i go out, which should be in another week or two, i'll find a few more plants and theyll be atleast a foot and a half tall :p
    Pictures can come soon if anybody is interested.
    Peace !
  4. Thats all good and shit but when they start to flower/bud you probably need to bring them inside under lights it be easier/faster and more bud will be produced but you do what you want

  5. I planted them directly into the ground, for a few reasons.
    1. Outdoor plants have MUCH higher yields. It's definitely indica, and residing in Canada means that the plants are perfectly suited to the climate. I should get atleast a half pound from just one plant, where as if I grew indoor I might manage to get 2-4 oz. from just one plant.
    2. Even if I had a large room to use for growing, I wouldn't be able to grow more than an oz indoor because my landlord regularily comes to my house to make sure it's not being trashed.
    3. With the weather at the moment, it rains every 2-3 days, meaning that i can pretty much just let it be and i'll get, at the very least, a half pound of decent weed.

    I spent 3 years, and 2 failed closet grows thinking about going to guerilla, and while yes I'm still an ameteur, I know what I'm going for. :p
    I am attempting a micro Sea of Green in my closet again, and I've planned it out better this time :p I'm going to post pictures once i get it up and running.
    Thanks for the advice,
    Peace ! :smoke:
  6. Put of pics of your plants
    and indicia hmm thats what i wanna grow after i finsh growing my crappy schwag so i can get used to it. I have watched over 24 hours of videos about grow/plants/flowering/harvesting/cloning so i know a little bit what im talking about not about hands down but what i have read/saw but anways thats good about it rains 2-3 days because i live in Texas and its hot as fuck and that wouldnt work but that makes sense Canada is cold so hmm imma be watching you as you grow along so i can see your plants grow up and flower so please post pics of your plants
  7. Alright,
    I'll try to get a camera and get out there to take some pictures some time next week. I've also got a couple plants going on my back porch as an experimental thing to test different natural growth enhancers. I made willow tea and put a drop on one seed while it was germinating, and it cracked in less than 24h, where as the one without the tea took 3 days. I planted the the cracked seed last friday, and by the time i got home on that sunday it was 4 inches tall, so i put it outside to get some good sunlight and a squirrel ate the top off of it T_T So now i have a slow growing plant, it has barely popped. I added some of the tea to it and im hoping within the next couple of days it'll take off beautifully. I'll get some pictures of that as well.
  8. Did you just use bag seeds? Because i put mine in just water and within 24 hours some of them already germinated but hmm tea sounds legit tho. What you growing to be excact like if you dont know the strain do you know anything about it?
  9. I'm using seed from a seedbank,
    the guy I'm growing with got them from his friends uncle, who is a legit grower. The seeds are a mix of a few strains, being Great White, potentially White Widow, and another that I'm unsure of the name at the moment. I'll ask him today and give a for sure answer :p
    But yeah it definitely wasn't bagseed.
    And about the tea, it seems to be proven mighty. My buddy has 19 seedlings in his closet and he's also using the tea on some of them. He says its a staple of his growing technique now, so I'll definitely be making more. If you're interested i'll post how i made mine.
  10. Alright fuck i wanna grow some indica i wanna grow skywalker you know what that is?
  11. get a few grows under your belt, before giving this kind of advice. it is false.

    there are may ways to grow cannabis...all of which give great yields, with great buds.
  12. As i said i havent grown much but i read/watched a videos i was just giving my idea about the thing he doesnt have to follow what i say just adivise coming from a Texas its different to grow here
  13. Hey buddy, I didnt have time to read all other posts so sorry if I repeat stuff already said.
    I am doing this currently as well, however I am in indiana, united states. One important thing is since the sun is to the south of us, and rises east to west, make sure that the spot there is PLENTY of space around it that is short grass or anything besides (tall trees, houses, and buildings, fences...). Dont worry about the NORTH SIDE of the plants, sun doesnt come from the north. U should be fine if it gets enough sun..

    I personally would have put them in pots, though you said you didnt have time to waste, but you can still transfer them to pots if you wish, you can transplant them but wait till they sprout and are less than 6 inches when you do it, that way the roots will not be spread out far yet and wont get cut by a shovel.
    The reason would be so you can choose soil and keep them in pots so that there wont be a ton of insects and maybe unhealthy stuff like other roots or mold or anything under the surface of ground. Some people plant straight in the ground, Im not sure if that is in their own garden with soil or what.
    I can tell u that the feild I growing mine in I would not want them in ground because there is weeds and grass in the feild and it would block the sun in the sprouting stage since plant is so short only inches. I put mine in pots and spray insecticide nearby on the ground so no insects crawl up the pot and inside. Also there is this stuff called liquid fence that you spray to keep deer away, or else build a small makeshift fence.
    Besides that, just dont water too much early, tiny plant doesnt use much water early, and after they sprout and you move on to the next stage come on here and get advice about nutrients, which are not completely necessary, they are optional.
    I would also kill some of the other big plants in the very close area so they dont risk doing anything to yours. I am not sure if they are harmful but I would if u plan to keep them in ground. I would just kill anything that doesnt look like grass and is unusual to be safe
    Good luck!
  14. I'm going to be using nothing but molasses and willow juice for the fertilizers when the time comes. I want all natural plants, I'm not really into smoking chemicals :p
    And even if I use nutes all through till harvest, the bud might absorb the molasses taste and be a sweet-ish smoke. Either way I'm winning, so it makes me happy. :p
    They get plenty of sun, direct sun from 6 am till 3 or 4, and indirect all the rest rightnow. so they should do wonderfully throughout the summer.
    Once they get to 2-3 foot tall i'm going to take clippings from all of them and label them to know which theyre from and bud the clones in my closet to firgue out which are male, which are female so i can go and rip up the males so I dont do a whole buncha extra work taking care of them. I'll let the ones in my closet go to seed so that i'll have plenty of seeds for next year.
    Thanks for the advice !
  15. Sorry about the run-on sentences, I'm a lil blazed and didnt realise them till I re-read it :p

  16. It will most certainly work in Texas, cannabis has been known to grow prolifically in equatorial regions, places like Mexico or Jamaica. In fact in Texas you will have a much longer growing season than we do in Canada and would probably be very successful so long as you know what you're doing.
  17. Kay, so i went back to my plot yesterday, been almost 2 months, and i found something absolutely horrifying.
    Every sprouted plant had been eaten, by what looked like rabbits or deer.
    I'm going to have to try again, only problem now is getting seeds ):
  18. What did you think was going to happen after leaving them in the woods for 2 months? As with pretty much everything in life... ya get out what you put in.

  19. texas has shorter days than ontario,they can plant a lil sooner but there also gonna flower earlier than toronto.

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