very first indoor help please some pics

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  1. This is my first indoor grow. I have a small nugget plant. The space i am growing in is about 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. I only want one plant in there just big enuf to produce a few nice buds. The stem is streched about 3 inches. This worries me because the plant isnt very stable. I dont want a tall plant just a bushy one. If i could harvest like 5-10grams that would be nice. I dont know why the plant has streached so far. Please tell me what you think and i will post back later today or tomarro.

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  2. Educated guess --------> Check your lighting.

    What kind of lighting are you using? Fluros should be like 1" away from the plant, hps and mh depend on wattage etc. But yeah definatly check your lighting.
  3. Oh yeah and if you only want one plant in that space, I would strongly suggest reading up on suppercropping and screen of green (scrog) methods of growing. With anyluck they can help you produce way more than 10 grams bud.

    Just a thought.
  4. I have a 100 watt soft white bulb and a 20 watt flourecent tube light. 100 watt is about 2 feet from plant 20watt is along back of grow box. Like end of tube is right next to the plant and top of tube is about 2 feet away.
  5. I moved the plant about 2" away the closest i could get it hope this helps thank you for advive i will read up on (scrog) methods.
  6. So you moved the light lower to where it was like 2" away. That's good, far better. The reason you plant was strechting is because it was craving more light. Sometimes when I can't figure something out I put myself in the plants shoes. Let's say I'm hungery and if I don't get food I'm going to die. The only source of food in my house is a can of beenie weenies on the very top shelf. I'd going to reach/strecth like a mofo to get to them because I'm starving over here........ See it may sound dumb but that's the way your plant felt.

    Anyways. If you lowered the right and can't get the light any lower, but still want your plant closer to the light, put something under your flower pot man. It will raise the height and it will keep the roots warmer so your entire plant will stay more healthy.

    Read this 3 times all the way through.
  7. You may want to pack some soil round the stem so that it dont fall over, also get yourself a desk fan in there gently blowing the sprout, this will help thicken the stem up.

    Good luck.

  8. bin the 100w bulb and replace with a 20w compact fluro or more tube fluros.

    heat will also make a plant streach and that bulb will b hot.
  9. a 100w incandecent will burn the seedling if its that close.... must get a high wattage compact flourecent light in there instead, and try staking the plnat down, to make it spread out horizontally...
  10. heres a piture of how my expeirimental plant was tied down...

    the red circles show where the twist ties holdthe plant down..

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  11. That looks cool, does the plant grow ok like that to the end??

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