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    Below is my timeline, mostly for my use but if your interested in the progress you can read it also. Of my three seeds I gave them each a color that I will be using to identify each for now. So if you see green, blue, or red they are just me talking about each seed individually.
    3/12/12- Placed all three seeds in germination container
    3/14/12- One seed planted (green)
    3/15/12- Second seed planted (red)
    3/16/12- Third seed planted (blue)
    3/17/12- Red seed sprouted
    3/18/12- Green seed sprouted in early morn
    3/19/12- Blue seed sprouted

    I can't stand my excitement. This is the first time in a long time where I have been like this, just full of unexplained energy and my mind jumps around from one thing to the other uncontrollably. I am just so excited I cant tell you guys how much I am!

    Yesterday (3/12/12) I placed 3 seeds I chose from my tiny seed bank into a small plastic container with moist papertowels. I tried to follow the Germination 420 method listed on this forum. The only change would be I have an even number of papertowels on the bottom on top of the seeds. (The germination method stated I should have 1 towel on bottom and 2 on top).

    I had to put off germinaton because I was currently lacking many supplies needed for right after germination (soil and light!) Fortunatly yesterday I had probably the only person I know whom I trust a little more than others come with me to the towns only hydroponic store. (See my status I live in a small town in the mountians) I was afraid to go by myself since I frankly am pretty small and look younger than I am, and I didn't want to store owner to be skeptical of my intentions with the supplies. As soon as we walked in the soil I was looking for was literally sitting right inside the entrance! And when we
    checked out the lady was soooo nice and told us that we picked her favorite
    soil and it will work really well! She also had an array of glass pipes under the cash register. I bet she also smokes weed if not grows it to! ;) I bet she also knew I was starting to grow also, since it seemed she didn't quite believe our cover story, but neverless she was much nicer than I expected and even gave us a residential discount.

    So with my new FoxFarm Ocean Forest soil I raced home to get ready for germination! I checked on the seeds this morning and it seems that the largest of the seeds already has a little white protrusion from the end. The other two, which are the same strain looked pretty much the same as last night. Its only been about 18 hours in the container though! Today I plan to go out and purchase a light so it will be ready for when the seeds are done.

    Any advise on how things are going? Am I doing good or should I change something? I have done a lot, a lot of research and it seems from that, I am
    doing pretty well. I guess my only question would be do you think the seed that sprouted (only a little white bump though) should be removed? And also, the other two seeds are they doing okay even if they havn't really done anything yet?

    Thanks for reading me blabbing on and on! If I have questions I will post them here (unless its an emergency like they might be dying or something!)
  2. Let the taproots get a little bigger rather then just a little white nub :D
  3. Glad to see such enthusiasm. Keep that excitement the whole grow and your plants will show for it! And it seems like you did lots of research;;nothing but green green green from here all out! Good luck man!! One word of caution;;don't get to excited and bother the seedlings to much now and when you first plant them. Just let nature d its work
  4. Sounds really good, thanks both of you for the advise! I will let the root grow a little more and I will be sure not to bother them to much :)
  5. Hey everyone! So I just got back from the store with my lighting. Sadly there was not much selection and I was having a hard time finding a good one. I literally was standing there for 20 minutes looking. The bulbs that had cfl on the title where all warm light and I knew not to get that kind. So I Found this one but it didn't really say what type it is. The only reason a got it was cause it said it compared to a 20w cfl. After opening it on the inside it said 60w incandescent bulb!! I'm just confused because on the outside of the label it said it was 20w. Either way do you guys think this one is alright?
    Lumens: 1235
    Watts: 20
    Life: 8000
    It's a spiral bulb and it said sunshine on the side rather than soft white or something like that. I hope it will work! Let me know if you need more information on it
  6. Wait so is it an incandescent or what?

    & you should check out my grow =) it's in my sig
  7. Haha I don't know! I think its an incandescent from the sounds of it. The package was very unclear.
  8. Well incandescents are no good :smoke:
  9. Aww really? Are you sure? I feel like I have heard people use them before... I will have to check it really doesn't say much at all just that it's a bulb... I wish I could take a picture or find it on the internet I have been looking.
  10. I'm positive, you cannot use incandescents lol.
  11. Ah so I been driving myself crazy looking online. I was freaking out pretty good I must admit. Anyway I found it online! It says cfl online but literally no where on the real package. click here for the link to where I finally found it.
  12. If that is the light you have then that is correct. Those are the kind of light you want;;just make sure they are the right spectrum and you have enough of them for your plant/s.
  13. Great I'm so glad it will work! I will have to get more later... When I plant the seedlings I was going to give them 24/0 light right?
  14. Alright I checked on my seeds in their container today. This would be almost day 2 in the container. The one larger seed that had the tiny root that had began forming is now a little longer and the seed itself has a crack down either side like its opening.... As for the other two... I am not sure whats going on with them. One it seems has the smallest little white root coming out but its even smaller than the larger one's was just yesterday. And the other one looks the same still... I am getting worried about them. Is it possible to be a 'dead' seed or something?

    I am so excited that one is doing really good but Im also completly put out by the other two because I am conserned about them...
  15. hope the seeds are doing good looking forward to your grow, hope to get my first one started here soon also.
  16. Patience grasshopper! Don't let the taproots get to long before you plant them though;;so you don't damage the little babies before they get to grow. Glad to hear you have access to the right lights!!
  17. Thanks 2Bugs =)

    I planted the one seed earlier today as well as got my grow room (ehem I mean closet) set up! The other two seeds are still in the container, I keep wanting to look at them but I figure smoke a bowl and make myself wait until tomorrow. Looking at them will not make them grow faster. haha
  18. Alright everyone a little update! All the seeds have now been planted. It was weird how all three seeds progressed at a different pace. The first seed was ready to be planted on the second day, then one was ready to plant on the third day, and I just got done planting the last one that finally sprung to life and this would be the fourth day. I just gave a sigh of relief to be done with that part. Now we wait for one to sprout!
  19. Cool! Any day now and the fun begins. Did you pick up some more lights?
  20. Yes got one more light it's the same one I got before. One seed sprouted today so I put the light on. Right now I only got one hooked up cause it's pretty bright on the grow room. Do you think I need the other now or when they get bigger? Also they need to be on 24/0 right? Just for like the first week or two weeks I thought.

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