Very first Auto Cream Caramel grow (Cardboard setup)

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    I previously made a topic in another area of the forum but since it's no longer outdoor I'm making a new one here.

    This is my first grow and the first growroom I make... hope it's good enough, also, be reasonable since it's my first setup. Thanks :D

    I may provide measures for the box soon.

    Soil information

    pH = 6
    Density (kg/m3) = 970
    Water retention capacity (WRC) = 1,6 %
    EC = 27,65 %
    Humidity = 34,5 %

    - Turf
    - Fertilizer (cow shit)
    - Limestone
    - Natural Fosfate
    - Vermiculite

    Water information

    pH = 7

    Light information

    25w CFL at the top (6:00 pm - 7:00 am)
    The lovely and awesome sunlight (7:00 am - 6:00 pm)

    *time may varies depending if there is sun or not
    **I may be using only sunlight or only CFL instead of both (may varies too)

    Alright let's go to the diary now.

    Day 9


    Day 16


    Day 21
    (Applied some Epsom Salts for Mg Deficiency that I believe the plant have)






  2. Lower the ph,, or suffer the consequences!
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    Those are light burn in that leaf if that's what you are talking about... it has been cutted out.

    Done uploading setup pictures
  4. So am I good or it's shitty to grow with that setup?
  5. Cardboard is gonna soak up moisture and promote mold and bugs

  6. Any way to fix that? Maybe using a computer fan? Or covering it all with A4 Paper?
  7. Not really...plants need a certain amount of humidity, which, cardboard boxes soak up and open ur door for mold and shit especially in a small hot area

  8. I'm actually leaving the plant in direct sun from 6:00-7:00 am to around 5:00-6:00 pm (or when there is sun even if not so directly) so basicaly the light is only turned on @ night. What are the chances of mold with that?
  9. new pics added! Is it slow growing or it's normal? if it's normal I used epsom salt for nothing lol will it hurt it?
  10. just to give a heads up....don't tell my plants about the "minimum humidity" that plants "need".....been growing them in less than 30% humidity for years

  11. Glad to hear and I always thought it really didn't matter that much, obviously you can't get lower than 27% or so and high humidity, at least I suppose so :)
  12. just spend 10 bucks and go buy a rubber maid container!! that shit is fucking dangerous my man!!!
  13. I will try finding a good one thanks for the advice. But u mean dangerous, dangerous or just dangerous? I mean, it can burn and fuck the plant and the entire house?

    In what kind of store am I going to find them tho? Supermarket?

    Not using it a lot so doesn't really matter :) mostly outdoor right now... but I will probably switch to indoor as soon as possible... idk where to make the topic since everytime I change that shit.
  14. oh yeah, now that the pic is working (guess it wasn't working earlier)....that thing is going to fall apart as soon as it gets wet

  15. like I said to the other guy, no worries I'm not using it right now... I will use it only if I want 24/0 but I will do outdoor for like 6 am to 6 pm I think that's enough at least while it still seedling... than I will need the box to complement the left hours.
  16. yeah they sell them all over....just look around the house im shure u can find something better!! plants looking good it bagseed or??
  17. nope it's auto cream caramel from sweet seeds :) just germinated a skunk #1 too.

    Hopefully I will not make the same mistakes again :) we learn from mistakes right?

    And is it ok for 3 weeks? I think it's kinda small for that time... it's an auto... maybe I shall transplant it to a pot with coco coir
  18. i wouldnt transplant it the auto needs not be disturbed lol

  19. sure boss! She got a lot of disturb to be honest... the stem broke twice but it's fine now. It got some heat stress too but hopefully it will not hermie..

    Anyway, is non direct sunlight more powerful than 25w cfl?
  20. Cream caramel sounds yummy, wish you luck with your grow

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