Very early thrip infestation

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    i just noticed on my clones that a few thrip larvas were crawling on one of them. The leaves were slightly bitten. I have only been able to spot 3 larva moving arround on them. Im sure there are more because there are small bites here and there.What can I do to kill these fuckers before it gets bad? I have 4 plants that just went in flowering that i havent checked yet they might have it too ... Ill know later when the light comes on.
    Pls help I plant on using these clones as momies.
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    At the moment im just using tweezers and picking off any larva i see
    i squeezed one and it made a really tiny crunch, so satisfying.. But this isnt good enough for me, i want them ALL dead before i transplant them ! I just dont know what works best, anyone try tobacco boiled into water? How about neem oil?
  3. Are you sure they are thrips?

    if you are positive then get ready for a long ass struggle and disappointment in the end. I would suggest just bug bombing the grow room.

    I have tryed dont bug me spray, pyrethrum, azatrol and I wish I would have just got a bug bomb.

    These little fuckers are really annoying and as soon as you think you are rid of them you see one crawling on a leaf.

    I have been watering with azatrol down in to the soil and it seems to be working a bit but there are still some on the mother plant I have. I got 2 new clones and the next day I see like 20 on the new girls. I watered the clones with the azatrol (1 tbsp to 1 gal) in hopes that would make them go away but they are still there today....
    After I watered my mother plant with the solution I noticed after a week that there were noticeably less. Im not getting my hopes up though.

    1 female can repopulate the entire species!!! Make sure you take every precaution.

    also I noticed they dont mess with flowering plants. Once my clones start to get buds (under 12/12) the thrips seem to go away, or just chill on the bottom most leafs. They dont like getting stuck in the trichs.
  4. Im almost 99% sure its thrips. I havent seen anything flying, or any adult bugs but on my clones. But I noticed that they had the shiny little bite marks and black dots. And the few little things I did see crawling looked exactly like thrip larva.

    Is it possible they came from inside the rockwool cubes? Im hoping they didnt come from my other plants. Im pretty sure the bite marks appeared after being cut off the plant. Im hoping this is the case. If it is the case I should be fine. I got 20/15 vision and right now there is so few I can pick them off with tweezers. Ive only actualy found 5 thrip larvas and they are all dead now. I havent seen any adults yet.

    So there are 2 possibilities.
    1. The thrips are on my plants that are flowering(this would suck) and a few larva made their way into the cloning area.
    2. There were/are thrip eggs in my rockwool and probly still are.

    If its option 1 im going to just grow them out and whipe the most affected leaves off every day and not transplant my clones into soil until i know there are no thrips guaranteed.
    If its option 2, is there something I could use to kill the eggs? If not what would be the best option?
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    I checked the larger plants, they came from the big plants : (.. That means i basically got thrips on all my shit. WTF! Am I fucked AGAIN? This will just be another grow that got fucked over for me. Why do I have to deal with a new problem every grow ????????????????

    Im going to keep the clones seperate and try to keep an eye on them with a magnifying glass and remove any larva I see so hopefully I can keep the clones intact at least. Im pretty sure the clones will be fine.

    But what should I do to the larger plants? I know I probably wont be able to get rid of them, but what can I do to keep the numbers smaller? They got 7 weeks left to go...
  6. Instructions

    Things You'll Need
    3 garlic bulbs
    2 cayenne peppers or habanero peppers
    2 tbsp. vegetable oil
    2 gallon-sized containers
    Spray bottle


    Place all three bulbs of garlic and peppers in the blender. There's no need to peel the garlic, as you'll strain out the solids later on. Fill the blender 1/3 to 1/2 full with water, replace the lid and blend the garlic, peppers and water until liquefied.


    Pour the liquid through a sieve or other straining tool to separate the solids from the liquids. Compost the solids and place the liquid in a 1-gallon container.


    Fill the container with water and shake the liquid to mix it.


    Pour 1/4-cup of the mixture into the second gallon-sized container. Add 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil. The vegetable oil will help the mixture stick to the plant parts. Gently shake them together and fill the container with water.


    Use that solution to fill a spray bottle. Test the solution on an inconspicuous part of the plant to ensure it doesn't burn the plant. Wait about an hour to see if it has any negative effect, and then spray the affected parts of the plant thoroughly.


    Treat the plant daily until you notice a difference in health and growth

    Read more: How to Kill Thrips Organically Indoors | How to Kill Thrips Organically Indoors |
    I've never had thrips but I found this and it might help.
  7. Wow, thanks for the response. But with all do respect.. This sounds kinda crazy anyone have success with this?
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    ps- the clones should be good to go, the infestation was extremely mild when i took the cuts and only a small amount of larva were on the clones. Like maybe 5-6 of the little fuckers.. Im so glad I am so paranoid about my plants.. I got to them really early :D If the clones werent so small it would be impossible to inspect them.

    I still have no Idea what I should spray on my other plants though. Ill consider that pepper/garlic spray, but im curious if it your own personal recipe? Have you had success killing larvas with it?
  9. Hmm, after some extensive research I found something called spinosad. Im gonna try it if they have some at my local hydro store.Its supposed to kill thrips and budworms and catapillars. Its made from some type of fermentation. Anyways, ill tell yall how it goes when i try it.
  10. I've never been inflicted by thrips so I don't know if it will work or not. It seems like a lot of work but if it saves the plants it would probably worth it.

    If not not doing an organic grow, I would do an internet search for some good chemical thrip killer.

    One thing I do is keep a No Pest Strip hanging in my grow room. I started doing this after a fight with spidermites a few months ago. I works great at preventing infestations before they occur. I have not had a bug in my grow room since.
  11. yea seems pretty intense, sounds like a hippie concoction lol. bomb the room!

  12. i use plant therapy as a preventitve ! for moms i use diatantious earth, green sand and pearl lit nothing will wanna live in that and gnatrol on top as well as for my clones i use only water .. dont over water or bugs will come it ony takes one i use rosemary essential oil in water light beacause any gnat thrip or athis hate that ! keep the room cooler if your infested it will make them move slow till you kill them i use preditor mites ! and if your baby room is too hot they will go crazy in there ! always be clean use yellow traps and blue ones its all about being preventitive before you get them ! if i had any bug i would throw everything away clean and bleach room and start over ! i have never had any bug ever and i cut 10000 a week and have over 400 moms! as long as you ook at every plant and have clean to start and stay consistant it will be okay ! also all organic remedies i have watched peole use work ... i part hydrogen peroxide 4 parts water and drop of soap! 2 inches of green sand on every mom ! but if your moms are infected start over its the best no one wants to smoke poison ! by the way i am 20 year experianced ! peace
  13. no poisons yuck

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