Very Early stage plant showing some distinct yellow???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Peter Tosh Fan, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Very Early stage plant showing some distinct yellow???

    The pictures attached will show what i am refering too. Maybe i'm just being overly cautious as a first timer :p....

    Curious if anyone has any idea what this might be or what might be the cause, and with that being said, a remedy perhaps :)

    Crossing fingers and thanks for reading everyone,


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  2. i dont see any yellow, looks fine to me
  3. Hey dude, click the first image to ensure it's as large as you can view.

    The top leaf show's some very distinct yellow and it's way to young to be showing this, any idea what it might be?

  4. 1. hydro, soilless or Soil & brand name of soil ?
    2. PH of reservoir solution?
    3. PH soil runoff?
    4. PH of water?
    5. Age of plants?
    6. What Fertilizer, dosages, and frequency?
    7. lites, wattage & proximity to plants
    8. Light cycle. 24/0,, 18/6,, 12/12?
    9. In light cycle how long?
    10. Room temps & Humidity or reservoir temps

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