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  1. Again I think I have a male Indica.
    I gave a sample to a professor at a local college to confirm it.
    He is going to do a cell seperation and some other test to confirm it for me.
    He does have the opinion these will also be males because the seeds are 20+ years old they will try even if they have female tendencies go straight to male for survival.

    Can someone please post a picture of a male/female pure Indica so I can compare with mine. It might be I am trying to sex them too soon. So something at 7 days, 14 days of flowering would be most helpful.

    I will post a picture as well..but this sucker looks like he's about ready to make oranges.

    I only have it in flower mode 10 days.
    I have one confrimed female out of 12 plants and no Indca...this is getting rather depressing.

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  2. a male i'm afraid...i'm 100% sure...sorry...give me a few mins and i'll post a pic of the 2 indicas that i have that turned out to be male for comparrison....Peace out...Sid
  3. male indica...Peace sorry about the poor can just make out the pollen sacks....i gotta get a digital cam...

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  4. damn that came out even worse than the pic i had on my laptop...oh well...but the sacks are right in front of my index finger.....Peace out...Sid
  5. I am very sure I have a male.

    I'm gonna take this sucker outside and plant him in the Jungle.
    I hope fidel doesn't mind.
  6. so how many females have you got from however many you started with?.....Peace out...Sid

  7. I started nine in this group and have 2 females.

    One is a Indica the other saliva i guess the consolation prize is the Indica is very bushy and should be a good yeild.

    I have two more ready to be moved into flowering. One of them I am going to let grow to 3-4' before moving.

    I took 6 clones of each of the older female and a male and have to get rid of the male clones but now am using them as a test to see how my cloning went.

    I have a two baby indica's coming from seed butthey are only 6" at this time.

    Funny thing is i was using the clones from the male in a scrog bed..I will replace those withthe females.

    I will be pulling clones off the known females I have so I can start me next run. "Is there a way to store clones so you don't have to go to flower every 4 weeks?

    I'm gonna have to much in theflower area I guess everyone runs into that problem.
    I don't need 2 lbs of smoke..only 1/4 lb every 6 months..
    I guess I can store it and then grow when I need it again.

    Plants in my veggy area do very well and expode when I put them in flowering.
    I liek growing, but I also like gardening as well. I guess I could use this as a winter crop.

  8. Any guess of yield per plant on average?
    I just want to know how much rolling papers to ROFL

    At what stage of grwo do you take clones...just before sending them into flower or after sexing?
  9. yeah dude, and if its with other female plants, move it out of the area, far away or they can mate and defeat the purpose of why you planted in the first place, to get good bud.... it sucks since you cant tell from the straight seeds... hope this helps and your crop doesnt get screwed...
  10. Thanks for the advice and support.

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